Lost Ark Drumbeat Island Location - Where Is It?

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Looking for the Lost Ark Drumbeat Island location? Drumbeat Island is just one of the many places that you can sail to and explore. Taking the time to venture across Islands, searching every inch of them like a real explorer would is always worth doing.

There are plenty of places for you to explore in Lost Ark. This massively multiplayer online action RPG is filled with mysterious islands to find, castles to explore, enemies to face, and allies to make. One of the best ways to come across any of these things is to bravely explore a brand new place, so here's the location of Drumbeat Island.

If you don't want to venture forth alone, why not get a mount or a companion? You can find out how to unlock new mounts or you can learn how to get a Turtle Companion. There are plenty of different accomplices to choose from.

Lost Ark Drumbeat Island Location - Where Is It?

You can find the location of Drumbeat Island in Lost Ark on the map below.

If you're still struggling to locate the Island, here's how to find it. Head to North Vern. Once you're at North Vern, keep traveling directly East across the Sea, and you should eventually come across Drumbeat Island.

Drumbeat Island is also northeast from Death's Hold Island and North West of the Island of Fortuna.

Once you've explored Drumbeat Island in Lost Ark, you might have an itch to explore more Islands. With our guides, you can find out how to get to Forest's Minuet on Lullaby Island or the location of Tooki Island. One of the biggest parts of Lost Ark is venturing into the unknown, so let's go!

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