Lost Ark Tooki Island Location - Where Is It?

A ship sailing the seas in Lost Ark.

Like many of the MMO's before it, Lost Ark features various elusive areas and secrets for players to find, and the Lost Ark Tooki Island location is one of the most elusive of them all given it has no fixed position.

Like the traveling merchant, Tooki Island is something you can happen upon accidentally, but there are a few tips to keep in mind if you're hoping to find it exactly when you need it. Chat channels are all well and good, but keeping your eyes peeled

Amidst completing Lost Ark quests, collecting a long list of Lost Ark mounts, there are a lot of islands that you can access as soon as you have a ship to sail the seas with. While some of them are centred upon acquiring even more Lost Ark pets and other quests, like Turtle Island and Panda Island, others are a little stranger.

A ship approaches a small island in Lost Ark.
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How Do I Find Lost Ark Tooki Island?

So, Tooki Island, unfortunately, does not have a fixed place in Arkasia of Lost Ark. The mysterious island seems to relocate regularly, making it a difficult find, albeit not impossible!

Tooki Island's appearance is a community event, given that the quests to acquire the Tooki Island Token are both much easier with co-op involved. Essentially, Tooki Island will make itself known ten minutes before it actually spawns. This is indicated by a glowing vortex in the seas, and will likely only be encountered by chance when players are casually sailing, or frantically searching, the sea.

With this being said, finding Tooki Island is primarily reliant on communication with fellow Lost Ark players. There's every chance you won't be the only person looking for the island or needing to visit it, so ask around as to whether anyone has seen it or wants to help you find it!

More often than not, people will share in global chat when the island is appearing and where, and ten minutes should be ample time to get to Tooki Island with little notice... hopefully. Good luck!

Quests on Tooki Island in Lost Ark

Once you find and enter Tooki Island, there are two group quests you ought to concern yourself with. The first will begin three minutes after you disembark onto the island: 'Tooki Tooki Treasures'. This quest requires you to find 100 Tooki Treasures around the island; these are scattered all across the island, so, we hope you have fellow adventurers with you.

The second quest, 'Invincible King Tooki', begins after collecting all 100 Tooki Treasures. For this, you'll need to defeat 101 Tooki's around the island, before then having to face King Tooki. After defeating King Tooki, you'll get the Tooki Island Token.

That's all you need to know about locating Tooki Island and the first quests you'll come across when acquiring the Tooki Island Token in Lost Ark!

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