Loop Hero Deck Building: Here’s How to Build Decks Before Heading Out, Cards List

Loop Hero mixes deck building with camp management and auto RPG dungeon crawling. It’s a unique beast, with many different mechanics playing off each other to make every run unique. Before each run, you have the opportunity to build a deck of cards. You don’t get much info on how this works, which is why we’ve created this Loop Hero deck building guide to show you the basics. We’ll take a look at how deck building works, and how to unlock more cards.

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Loop Hero Deck Building Guide

Before heading out on a run, you can head into the Deck Building Menu. You’ll find all of the cards you have unlocked so far, organised into rows. To the left if each row you will see three numbers. The top number is the maximum number of cards from this row that you can activate. The middle number is how many you have selected in that particular row. The bottom number is the minimum number of cards from this row that must be selected.

Basically, you need to select a number of cards for each row, so that the middle number fits the parameters described by the numbers above and below it. As you enable cards, the number of total cards at the bottom of the screen will increase. These cards are essentially the card pool available to you on a run. If you have a Vampire Mansion in the deck, then enemies can drop this card. Cards that aren’t selected in the deck-building menu will not show up during a run.

What you’ll want to do for each run is work out what you’d like to achieve. Do you want a certain resource that’s only dropped by enemies from specific card types? Are you planning on running Vampirism, and want to avoid Swamp cards if possible? These are all questions you should ask as you get a bit more experienced with the game. When starting out, I’d recommend having the Treasury, Battle Field and Grove cards selected for sure, as you’ll get useful loot from these cards over time.

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Loop Hero Card List and How to Unlock Each One

There’s a huge variety of cards to get in Loop Hero, with each requiring a specific set of parameters to unlock. We’ve listed all of the cards available in Loop Hero below, alongside how you can unlock them.

  • A Village? - Place 10 Forests or Thickets
  • Abandoned Bookery - exchange 20 cards, Bookery will become abandoned
  • Ancestral Crypt - build the Crypt
  • Arsenal - Build the Smelter
  • Bandit Camp - place 2 villages
  • Battle Field - unlocked at start.
  • Beacon - unlocked at start,
  • Blood Grove - build the Field kitchen
  • Blood Path - spawned by 2 adjacent Battle Field cards
  • Blooming Meadow - Place non-Meadow card adjacent to Meadow card
  • Bookery - build the Library
  • Bridge - Unlock bridge-building and place a River over a Road
  • Burned Forest - Forest or Thickets in range of a Storm Temple will burn
  • Cemetery - unlocked at start
  • Count's Land - a Ransacked Village will turn into this after 3 days
  • Desert - build the Intel Center
  • Empty Treasury - surround all 8 slots around a Treasury card
  • Forest - build the Forest back at base camp
  • Goblin Camp - Place 10 Rocks or Mountains.
  • Goblin Lookout - Place Swamp next to Goblin Camp
  • Grove - unlocked at start.
  • Hungry Grove - Blood Grove next to a Grove. Destroy Grove with Oblivion
  • Lich's palace - Spawn the first boss
  • Maze of Memories - Build the Library
  • Meadow - unlocked at start
  • Mountain - unlocked at start.
  • Mountain Peak - build 3x3 square out of Rocks and/or Mountain cards
  • Oasis - place river next to Desert or Sand Dune cards
  • Outpost - build the War Camp
  • Overgrown Field - Wheat Field and Village next to each other, destroy the village with an Oblivion card
  • Ransacked Village - Place a Vampire Mansion next to a Village
  • Reed - Unlock bridge building, place river next to a road
  • River - build the River building element at camp
  • Road Lantern - unlocked at start.
  • Rock - unlocked at start.
  • Ruins - build the Supply Depot
  • Sand Dunes - build the Intel Center
  • Shipwreck - Place a River next to a Battle Field
  • Smith's Forge - upgrade Smithy
  • Spider Cocoon - unlocked at start.
  • Storm Temple - build the Smelter
  • Suburbs - upgrade Gymnasium
  • Swamp - build the Herbalist's Hut
  • Thicket - build the Forest back at base camp
  • Town - Place four Suburbs at top, left, right and down arrangement of a Suburb tile
  • Treasury - unlocked at start.
  • Vampire's Mansion - unlocked at start.
  • Village - unlocked after building the Gymnasium
  • Wasteland - unlocked at start
  • Wheat Field - unlocked after building the Farm
  • Zero Milestone - Build the Alchemist's Tent

How to Unlock More Cards in Loop Hero

As you can see from the list above, cards are unlocked in a variety of ways. We recommend playing naturally, placing cards and upgrading buildings as you go. You can always focus on filling the gaps once you have most of the list, you’ll unlock the majority just by playing though.

That’s everything you need to know about Deck Building in Loop Hero. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on Vampirism. If you’re hungry for more, head here to learn how Potions work in Loop Hero.

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