Loop Hero: How to Use Potions

Loop Hero can be pretty brutal at times. You’ll find yourself facing an ever-multiplying slate of enemies, with very little means for defending yourself. Once you’ve unlocked the Herbalist at base camp you’ll get access to Potions. These can be a literal life-saver when out in the loop. Here’s how to use Potions in Loop Hero.

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How to Use Potions in Loop Hero

To use Potions in Loop Hero you will need to have unlocked the Herbalist's Hut. Once you have done so, you won’t actually need to use the potions yourself. They will be used automatically once your health is low, saving you from death. You can check how many Potions you have by looking in your gear menu. We’ve shown where this is in the screenshot below:

An image showing the gear menu in Loop Hero, with an arrow pointing to the Potions slot
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How to Unlock Potions

To unlock Potions in Loop Hero you will need to have unlocked the Herbalist Hut. This will be available after you head back to base camp for the second time. Here’s what you’ll need in order to build it:

  • 2 Preserved Wood 
  • 3 Preserved Stone
  • 4 Food Supplies

How to Get More Potions in Loop Hero

To get more Potions during a loop in Loop Hero you will need to get back to your campfire. You can only hold 3 Potions at first, but with upgrades, their potency will increase. Make sure to keep this in mind when heading out on another go around the loop.

That’s how Potions work in Loop Hero. For more on the game be sure to check out what happens when you die in Loop Hero. Elsewhere there’s our look at how Vampirism works.

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