League Of Legends Snowdown Showdown 2021: New Skins, Game Modes, Release Date, And More

Credit: Image via Riot Games

Credit: Image via Riot Games

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Snowdown Showdown used to be the most iconic winter event for League of Legends until 2019. On top of being graced by various festive animations, players could also grab new and exclusive legacy skins from the event.

However, all of that changed in 2020 when Riot Games decided against releasing the Snowdown Showdown in-game event. Since then, there has been a lot of questions surrounding whether the event will make a return in 2021 or not.

Having said that, let's dive in and check out everything that you need to know about Snowdown Showdown 2021 in League of Legends.

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Latest News

Since the release of Ruined King: A League of Legends Story as well as the third act of Arcane's first season on Netflix, Riot Games has been rather silent about future events in LoL. Given that there was no Snowdown Showdown in 2020 as well, there is a high probability that the developers introduce a different event altogether to replace the iconic winter event in Summoner's Rift.

30 November 2021 - With December almost here, there has been no signs of a Snowdown Showdown in-game event for League of Legends yet. Given that Riot Games has been focusing a lot on lore-based events recently, fans could be in for a similar event in January instead of the usual winter event.

Will there be a Snowdown Showdown in 2021?

With the entire League of Legends community being hyped by Arcane, it seems very unlikely for Snowdown Showdown to make a return in 2021. Additionally, given that the event didn't release in 2020, it's absence this year seems even more certain. On top of that, Riot also chose not to release Harrowing in 2021. All of this goes to show that the developers might be shifting their focus to new avenues for in-game content.

Nevertheless, Riot Games is know for delivering pleasant surprises to the community and a surprise Snowdown Showdown could very well be on the cards for 2021.

However, until there is any official announcement being made by the developers, it is best to accept the fact that Snowdown Showdown is now just a part of history that never got repeated.

New Skins in Snowdown Showdown

In case we do have a Snowdown Showdown in 2021, it is safe to say that there will be a bunch of new legacy skins for players to claim. Players should note that all skins released during this event are marked under the Legacy category.

Therefore, those who miss out on claiming these during the course of the event might have to wait for extremely long period before they are made available in the store.

We will make sure to update this page with new information as soon as it is announced by Riot Games. Make sure to follow us for all the latest news and leaks regarding Snowdown Showdown 2021 in League of Legends.

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