King Of Fighters 15: New Trailers Reveals Game Systems, Versus Modes, Pre-Order Bonuses

SNK has recently released a new King of Fighters 15 trailer during the Gamescom show. The new trailer contained alot of new information about the upcoming fighting game. Here's what the developers shown on the trailer

Characters, Game Modes, Game Systems

As seen in the trailer, King of Fighters 15 revealed many new details about the game in this trailer. Two new female characters were introduced and returning characters were shown in the reveals. So far, Ash Crimson, Heidern, and K' were shown in the trailer. As seen later in the trailer, both Ash Crimson and K' will be entering the tournament with their own team with two unrevealed characters but we've yet to know which team will Heidern be with.

Additionally, SNK also introduced some of the new universal systems to use in the game. Shatter Strike, MAX Mode, Quick MAX Mode, EX Special Moves, Rush autocombos, Super Special Moves, MAX Super Special Moves, and Climax Super Special Moves were confirmed to be in this game. SNK only introduced these moves briefly without going too much into detail.

Lastly, King of Fighters 15 will also get a variety of versus game modes which can gives the title many options for players to choose from. So far, here are the modes confirmed as seen in the trailer

  • 3-on-3 Team Battle (Standard Versus Mode)
  • Single Versus Mode
  • Practice Mode
  • Online Battle
    • Online Practice
    • Team VS
    • Single VS
    • Draft VS (Versus Mode With Draft-style picking)

Overall, these game modes can provide characters with unique ways to play with each other online. Rollback netcode is also confirmed for this title which greatly improves the online play quality of this fighting game.

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DJ Station

As the King of Fighters is a fighting game with a long history, it has fans who would love to hear sound tracks from the older games. The King of Fighters 15 has the DJ Station feature which is a library of music from the previous titles. Players who are fan of the original versions or specific series remixes will find the King of Fighters song that they're looking for.

Pre-order Bonuses and Release Date

Lastly, SNK has also confirmed the release date for King of Fighters 15 to be on February 17, 2022. Players still have time to pre-order the game before that date if they want to get early bonuses for the game. SNK has confirmed that they'll be giving out bonuses for specific pre-order purchases of the game.

Players who pre-order the game can play the game as early as February 14. Additionally, players who buy the Deluxe Edition will automatically get six DLC characters who are part of two separate teams once they are released.

DLC cosmetics are also confirmed for early purchasers of the game. Players who get the game early will be given a Terry Bogard costume that is similar to his attire in his appearance on Garou: Mark Of The Wolves fighting game. Meanwhile, players who bought the digital version early also gets a Leona Heidern costume which is similar to her Classic look from previous King of Fighters entries.

For now, we'll have to wait for more trailers about the new characters who will be added to the initial roster.

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