King of Fighters 15: 27th Character Reveal Confirmed For August 11

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SNK has recently announced on social media about their 27th character reveal for King of Fighters 15. The silhouette of the upcoming character has been shown as a fighter who flexes his arms. Here's what we know about this next character reveal.

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27th Character Confirmed

As seen on the official KOF WORLD Facebook page, the announcement revealed details about the upcoming 27th character reveal. The silhouette of the fighter is seen flexing but no names have been officially dropped about the character yet. Fans are still figuring out who could this fighter be in the game.

The character is slated for reveal this coming August 11 PST. No exact times have been given yet, we'll have to wait for more announcements to know who this character will be.

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As the character's reveal is still a week away, fans are putting out their guesses for the upcoming reveal. One prediction is that it could be one of the more muscular fighters introduced in the previous King of Fighters titles.

These fighters could be Team K' staple Maxima, KOF 14 tournament showrunner Antonov, Kim Kaphwan's master Gang-Il or former Kyo Kusanagi teammate Goro Daimon.

On the other hand, the silhouette figure also features a circular head with a bandana with short, muscular arms. Potentially, this next character could be Joe Higashi's rival kickboxer Hwa Jai. Unlike Joe Higashi's hot-blooded personality, Hwa Jai is more brutal in achieving his goal to be the best fighter in the world.


Lastly, the next character could be the last character needed to complete another team in the King of Fighters 15 roster. So far, the Mexican luchador Ramon and masked wrestler King of Dinosaurs have yet to be included in any team. This August 11 character could be the one to complete their team.

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