King Of Fighters 15: New 29th Character Reveal Coming At Tokyo Game Show 2021

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SNK has recently started to tease details about the next 29th character for their upcoming King of Fighters 15 fighting game. So far, the only hints about this character is that this one is a hooded figure of a fighter. Here's what we know about this next reveal.

29th Character Reveal

As seen on the official SNK KOF World Facebook page, the developers have started to tease the next 29th character to join the game's roster on release. So far, the only clue as seen from this character's silhouette is that they are wearing a hood in battle. In previous King of Fighters entries, characters like Nelson and Kukri wore hoodies and were a big part of their design. It's possible that these characters could return to this game.


On the other end, the latest official trailer for King of Fighters 15 introduces a rival for the main character Shun'ei. This character acts antagonistic against Shun'ei and does wear a hoodie herself. This next reveal could be about her.

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Tokyo Game Show 2021 Appearance

Aside from the 29th character reveal, SNK has also confirmed that King of Fighters 15 will make an appearance in the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2021 this September 29. The game will have its own Special Program in the convention and will be livestreamed on the day on 9PM PDT or 4 AM in London time.


The reveal will mostly focus on discussing more about the game's mechanics. It's highly possible that the character reveal may happen before this show.

For now, we'll have to wait for the next two weeks to see about who this character will be and what else will SNK reveal before September ends.

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