King Of Fighters 15: Chizuru Kagura Move List and Guide

Team Sacred Treasures consists of the three descendants of clans responsible for keeping the seal on an ancient evil from Japan. Chizuru Kagura is a representative of one of these clans along with her teammates for the King of Fighters 15 tournament. Here's what we know about her moves for the upcoming entry.

Who Is Chizuru Kagura in King of Fighters?

Chizuru Kagura often appears as part of Team Sacred Treasures with Iori Yagami, and Kyo Kusanagi. The team successfully resealed the ancient evil, Orochi, that appeared in one of the King of Fighters tournaments, but in the succeeding King of Fighters entries after Orochi was sealed, Chizuru didn't appear for quite awhile.

Kyo and Iori continued their rivalry in the series as part of different teams. Before King of Fighters 15, Ash Crimson stole her powers for his own, which made her return unlikely as a playable fighter. However, given the events of King of Fighters 15, it looks like she will need to investigate Orochi-related events again with Kyo and Iori.

King Of Fighters 15 Chizuru Kagura Movelist

Chizuru Kagura sports a move list of martial arts similar to Kyo and Iori. She has fewer special moves than her companions, but boasts efficiency in controlling neutral zones better than her foes. Once she controls the screen, she's afforded the opportunity to keep her foes struggling to close the gap or deliver a rush-down pressure of her own.

Here's her move list full of focused strikes and illusions to beat her foes:

Chizuru Command Moves

  • Jo Katsu Zheng Zheng - Forward + Light Punch
  • Jo Katsu Cang Cang - Forward + Light Kick
  • Jo Katsu Cong Cong - Down Forward + Strong Kick

Chizuru Special Moves

  • 212 Katsu Otsu Shiki Choumon no Isshin - Down, Down + Any attack button
  • 212 Katsu Shinsoku no Norito - Quarter circle back + any button
    • Stop - During 212 Katsu Shinsoku no Norito, Light Punch/Strong Punch or Light Kick/Strong Kick
    • 212 Katsu Shinsoku no Norito Ten Zui - During 212 Katsu Shinsoku no Norito, Quarter circle back + Light Punch/Strong Punch or Light Kick/Strong Kick
  • 100 Katsu Tenjin no Kotowari - DP motion (Forward, Down, Down Forward) + Light Punch/Strong Punch
  • 108 Katsus Tamayura no Shitsune - Quarter Circle Forward + Light Punch/Strong Punch

Chizuru Super Special Moves

  • Uramen 85 Katsu Reigi no Ishizue - Quarter Circle back then half circle back to forward + Light Punch/Strong Punch
  • Uramen 1 Katsu San Rai no Fujin - Double Quarter Circle forward + Light Kick/Strong Kick

Chizuru Climax Super Special Moves

  • Uramen 31 Katsu Kyuusen no Jouhari - Quarter Circle back then half circle back to forward + Both Strong Punch and Strong Kick

Chizuru Normal Throws

  • Rei Getsu - Near Opponent, forward or back + Strong Punch
  • Kai Ten - Near Opponent, forward or back + Strong Kick

If you're up to use this dancing elusive fighter, consider picking up her teammates, Kyo and Iori, to join her in battles.

Chizuru Kagura Death Combos

If Chizuru is left as the last character standing in your team, her offense may feel underwhelming as her fighting style is not geared for heavy hits. However, she also has a potential to knock out foes cleanly if she has enough resources. Here are some of those Touch of Death Combos:

Make sure to avoid making a mistake in the combo. Dropping the killing combo can leave Chizuru without resources and open for a punish, so practice the combo and end matches in style and efficiency.

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