JETT: The Far Shore - How To Save Your Game

JETT: The Far Shore is the new action-adventure game by developers Superbrothers and published by Pine Scented Software. In the game, you play as Mei who has been tasked with exploring a brand new planet alongside your fellow scout team. Exploring the planet does take time, so we show you how to save your game to avoid the pain of losing your progress.

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How To Save Your Game In JETT: The Far Shore

To save your game in JETT, you need do nothing! The game has a built-in autosave feature. In the game, you play chapters in the same way you would play a mission in an FPS and within those are checkpoints that will set off the autosave function.

How Does the Autosave Work?

Unlike other games that have both manual and autosave options, it seems JETT only has the latter. The autosave function is triggered each time you pass a checkpoint in the chapter you are playing.

This is the only downside to having only autosave because the chapters can be very long and this means some of the checkpoints are few and far between. This means if you spend a long time exploring but do not hit the next checkpoint in the story, you will be thrown back to the previous one the next time you play.

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If you're going to spend ages exploring then it's worth trying to find the next checkpoint in the story before quitting. The checkpoints are typically when you need to start a new task within the chapter.

The planet you're destined to explore in JETT: The Far Shore is vast, so it's useful to know what your Jett can do. Luckily, we have a guide that shows you how to collect specimens and one that shows you how to use Surge without blowing yourself up!

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