JETT: The Far Shore - How To Use Surge

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Jett is the name of the craft that you pilot throughout JETT: The Far Shore and you will come to learn that it has multiple functions. Among them is the Surge function and it may sound simple but there are a few things you should know about it. We're here to show you how to use Surge!

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How To Use Surge

When you begin the game you will have a tutorial to show you how to use Surge but there is a way to find out how to use it in case you missed it. You can check your game controls menu to find out which button/control for your console is linked to the Surge ability.

All you need to do whilst flying in Jett is to hold down this button and you will use the Surge ability.

What Does Surge Do?

Surge is the boost function of your craft and when you use it, it will increase your speed. The longer you hold down the Surge button, the more your speed will build and the faster you will fly. This comes in handy for the impatient gamer when you're traveling across vast spaces.


How To Manage Instability

When you use Surge you will be making your Jett unstable and this can lead to big problems. Once you start to use the ability, a little meter will show up on your screen next to your craft and this is what you need to keep an eye on.

As you use Surge, this meter will start to increase (this shows your instability) and if it fills up it means that your Jett can overload.

To manage your instability but keep your speed you can pulse your Surge boost. The sweet spot for this is to increase or decrease the Surge to keep the instability indicator in the middle of the meter. This means you can keep your speed up without compromising your craft.

The other way to manage instability is to use Vapor Spots.


What Are Vapor Spots?

Vapor spots are little areas that are rich in an element that helps to stabilise your Scramjet engines if you fly over or through them.

If you fly through them in succession then you will be able to operate your craft at full Surge capacity without overloading it.

They're pretty easy to spot because they look like floating pieces of glitter. All you need to do is fly through them.

JETT The Far Shore Jett passing by a Vapor Spot
Vapor spots can appear over oceans too - just look for the ball of floating glittery fog

To put it simply, Vapor spots are your friend if you want to go very fast!

Your Jett is extremely important throughout JETT: The Far Shore which means it's really important you know about all the things it can do and how to make sure you're taking care of it. We have guides on how to collect specimens with your Jett and how to hop which will come in handy on your journey!