Hyper Scape: Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Gameplay

The newest Battle Royale, Hyper Scape is here and it's already a hit.

Ubisoft have created a futuristic spin-off of most BRs.

With jump pads, lower gravity and more, it's a breath of fresh are in comparison to many other samey versions of the game mode.

Here are our tips to get you started.

Tips And Tricks


Looting as soon as possible is essential, you'll be able to find items all over the map.

Brightly coloured buildings with glowing orange barricades have the most weapons and hacks inside, so keep an eye out.

Supply crates are a great way to get geared up, some of them will have unique sounds coming from them, they likely have fully-fused items so snatch them up when possible!

Use map landmarks to find fully-upgraded weapons and hacks.


Fusing your weapons is a key aspect to the game, see our guide to find out how to do so.

Enemies will drop hacks and weapons when they die so make sure to look out for any max-fusion guns!


The Decay will infect different sectors of the map, starting at the edge of the city.

Make sure to get out of the Decay as soon as possible, it will do damage over time and can eventually kill you.

There will be an icon on-screen which will show you how far away and in what direction the next safe zone is.

Take advantages of hacks, some of them may help you escape the Decay faster.


When you die, you won't be out of the game - as long as a teammate is alive. When you are eliminated you'll turn into an Echo, which is a fancy word for a digital ghost.

Enemies will not be able to see you while you are an Echo, so scout ahead and reveal enemy locations for your squad.

You cannot use hacks or weapons as an Echo.

Meet a teammate at a Restore Point! Stand on it and hopefully if they aren't toxic, someone will revive you.

Revive points will appear where opponents die and will be marked on your map.


The Decay will eventually reach the final sector of the city, this is when the Crown will appear.

Once someone picks up the Crown, the Showdown starts.

Try to hold onto it for as long as you can, if successful, you'll win.

Try to get a feel for the map before being the hero in your team and grabbing the Crown, have a place in mind, that way you won't be running around aimlessly giving enemies the upper hand.

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