Hyper Scape 08 Apr 2021 9:03 AM +00:00

Hyper Scape: How To Fuse Weapons Together


Ubisoft's new shooter, Hyper Scape is here and there's a lot to figure out within the game.


Hyper Scape is a free-to-play Battle Royale.

The closed beta has begun and it's already becoming a hit.

We're here to tell you how to fuse your weapons.

How To Fuse Weapons Together

Using the fusion technique is vital in Hyper Scape. Base weapons are weak and fusing them will make them more powerful, by increasing magazine size, damage, fire rate and more.

Fusing a weapon is quite simple but is important to take advantage of, here's how to do it:

  1. Choose a weapon
  2. Find a duplicate of the one you picked up
  3. When you go to equip it, it should fuse with your current weapon
  4. You should now have a fused weapon with higher stats

There are five levels, to get the most powerful version of your chosen gun you'll need to find four of them. On the fifth fusion, you'll receive another boost which can really put you a step above opponents.

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