Hyper Scape: How To Get Into The Hyper Scape Beta

Ubisoft is the latest developer to release a new FPS title. Hyper Scape is free-to-play fast-paced Battle Royale.

The gameplay appears to feature abilities, dynamic movement and a unique resurrection system.

The game's closed beta has just opened and the is already hit half a million views on Twitch.

How To Get Into The Hyper Scape Beta

Ubisoft is taking a similar approach to Riot's FPS title Valorant regarding their closed beta.

Players will need to watch Twitch streams of Hyper Scape with drops enabled in order to qualify for the chance of a loot drop on Twitch.

Hyper Scape
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Courtesy of Ubisoft.

This drop will allow the player to gain access to the closed beta of Hyper Scape.

This strategy was an overwhelming success for Riot's Valorant, sending the game to the top of the Twitch charts.

You can check the Hyper Scape Twitch page here.

Good luck with the drops!

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