Hyper Scape: Ranked Play Is Coming

Hyper Scape has been out for nearly two months at this point.

Ubisoft's exciting fast-paced shooter has established a dedicated community since it's release.

Although players are loving the gameplay, there is very few rewards or incentives to grind the game at the moment.

However, that's about to change as a developer has revealed ranked is on its way!

Ranked Play

The Hyper Scape development team recently held an AMA on Reddit.

In this discussion, they encouraged fans to ask their burning questions in the thread.

The Reddit user 'Komacameron' asked the team, "Can you share any future content because, in the game's current state, there's not much to do besides level up the Battle Pass."

You can check out the dev team's response below:

click to enlarge

This is exciting as a competitive mode in Hyper Scape will allow the player base to track their skills in comparison with the whole community.

On top of this, ranked allows players to set goals and see a visual representation of their improvement in-game.

The addition of a ranked mode into any game is an exciting update.

Bring on Season 2 so the grind can begin.

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