Hyper Scape: Weapon Tier List And Best Weapons

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If you're looking for a new FPS title, Ubisoft's got you covered.

Hyper Scape is a free-to-play Battle Royale, with rapid gameplay.

The game features a range of abilities, interesting movement options and unique resurrections.

Recently the closed beta started and viewers on Twitch are loving it, hitting half a million views already.

Weapon Tier List

It can be hard to figure out which guns are best to use coming into a game you don't know much about.

We've compiled all of the weapons in Hyper Scape into a tier list to make it a bit easier for you.

Playstyle is different for everyone so some guns may suit you better than others, bear this in mind.

S Tier


The Skybreaker is a rocket launcher that shoots orbs of energy. It can do huge amounts of damage but the speed is slow, so make sure you calculate your aim when using this.

It's in our top spot due to its massive damage output and how easy it is to use, even for those who don't have great aim accuracy.

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A Tier


The Hexfire is an LMG (light machine gun) with low damage but an extremely fast rate of fire. Control isn't great long-ranged but can be powerful in close-quarters.

This gun is being used by many players currently, it doesn't require a massive amount of skill due to the fact it just sprays bullets everywhere, so it's a good option for close quarters and long-range.

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The Ripper is an assault rifle, a mix between a rifle and SMG. It's one of the most versatile guns in the game and can do a decent amount of damage too.

It's pretty much a harder to use version of the Hexfire due to its small mag size and slower fire rate, although if you had great aim this could be a solid option.

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B Tier

Riot One

The Riot One is a pistol very similar to the Wingman from Apex Legends. If the player is able to land shots (it's difficult), it can do shocking damage.

Many of you may be thinking the Riot One doesn't deserve this spot but it can kill an enemy in roughly four shots, just like the Wingman it deals massive damage for a pistol so if you have the aim, give it a try.

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Protocol V

The Protocol V is the only sniper within the game. It's extremely strong but like with all snipers takes skill. At maximum fusion rank, the player can one-shot others.

Like many other snipers, the Procotol can be hard to land hits, although if you land one the one-shot ability really make up for it.

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C Tier

Salvo EPL

The Salvo EPL is a grenade launcher that's great to use in tight spaces. It doesn't do a massive amount of damage but if you use it a few times in a row it'll take down a few enemies.

With massive splash damage, this gun can be a decent option for those who aren't up for too much of a challenge in terms of aiming. If you encounter multiple enemies, spray away and the likelihood is you'll kill at least one of them.

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Mammoth MK 1

The Mammoth MK 1 is a pump-action shotgun which is great for close combat. As much as this weapon is pretty powerful, it'll take a couple of shots to take down an enemy.

This gun can be a bit hit and miss, if you've got solid aiming, give it a go but the chances of landing a shot aren't very high, although it can be quite hard-hitting.

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D Tier


The Komodo is a rocket launcher which does damage to players within the shot's radius. Due to the lack of aim reliance, it's damage is increased. 

The Komodo is pretty much the Salvo EPL but worse, with much lower damage and the Salvo not being that much harder to use, it's lower down on our list.

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The D-Tap does low amounts of damage, it has an auto-target ability, and cannot land headshots. Aside from the negatives, it's a great gun for beginners as it's easy to use. 

The auto-aim feature of the D-Tap is great although unfortunately it just had too low of a damage output to make it much further up on our list.

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