Wild Rift 3.4 patch notes - release date, new champions, and skins

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The Power Spike Party art for Wild Rift 3.4.

The Wild Rift 3.4 patch notes signify not a major change for the game, but a celebratory one instead. It's the game's first anniversary, and the 3.4 patch cycle is set to bring a couple of new champions who showed up in League of Legends while Wild Rift was out in the open: which confused us, to say the least.

Down below, we'll do what we usually do with things: rattle off the patch notes in a comprehensible way, making sure to include any new characters, skins, and anything else we think of that might be of interest. Baubles? Who needs em'.

Table of Contents

For more on the mobile version of League of Legends, check out our Wild Rift tier list. We'll hold off updating that one until the characters have time to shine. Just expect to see them around a lot in the early days before people fall back to their mains.


Wild Rift 3.4 release date - when does Wild Rift 3.4 come out?

There's no solid date on the Wild Rift 3.4 release just yet. The patch notes arrived at 5pm BST on September 5, 2022, but the specific date the update would land wasn't mentioned.

We'll update this section once we know for certain. It won't be long after the patch note drop, but it's always subject to minor delays.

Wild Rift 3.4 patch notes

The Wild Rift patch notes are coming at a later date. For now, we've been given a patch preview to get excited about. You'll know what's coming whenever the patch arrives, but any buffs and nerfs will arrive a little while later.

Wild Rift 3.4 - new champions

  • Gwen
  • Yone
  • Vex
  • Warwick

At long last, Gwen is arriving on the rift in due course. She was introduced to League of Legends while Wild Rift was enjoying its launch, which begged the question - and confirmed a suspicion: why don't new League of Legends characters join Wild Rift at the same time?

There's no set time for when each character will land, but we're expecting them to come in pairs as events across the 3.4 patch series play out.

Judging from the event timeline (below) Yone will be the first to arrive at the start of the patch, with Vex being the last. Where Warwick and Gwen squeeze in, we'll have to wait and see.


Wild Rift 3.4 - new skins

  • Space Groove Gwen
  • Bewitching Vex
  • Bewitching Morgana
  • Bewitching Miss Fortune
  • Supreme Cells Kennen
  • Supreme Cells Sett
  • Supreme Cells Zed
  • Glorious Crimson Draven
  • Superhero Jayce
  • Ascended Superhero Jayce
  • Old God Warwick
  • Crystal Rose Yone

Wild Rift 3.4 brings with it a bunch of new skins for various different series. A couple are Wild Pass or Ranked rewards, but the majority are event rewards and purchases.

Wild Rift 3.4 - new items

In the words of Riot Games itself: "We’re upgrading the AP item system which will include changes to items like Liandry’s Torment, and additions like Cosmic Drive. Additionally, we’re introducing two new Support starting items, Spectral Sickle and Relic Shield, each with a unique focus on offensive and defensive capabilities.

Both items grant up to 3 charges that you can use to apply lane pressure and earn extra gold—as long as you have an ally nearby! To complement the items, we’re also adding and upgrading some Support Enchants."

New items

  • Riftmaker
    • Grants you omnivamp and when in combat with champions you'll gain a stack. Each stack increases the damage you deal. At max stacks the additional damage becomes true damage
  • Serpent’s Fang
    • An item we are bringing directly from PC League of Legends as an anti-shielding AD assassin output. This works identically to its PC counterpart, being more effective for melee users and both reducing current shields and future shields for a short duration after the Serpent’s Fang user hits an enemy champion.
  • Imperial Mandate
    • Very similar to its PC version, offering a payout in bonus damage and marking enemies for slowing or immobilizing enemy champions. Allies can then consume the marks for additional damage and movement speed.
  • Cosmic Drive
    • Active abilities and empowered attacks grant Ability Haste as Movement Speed after dealing damage to an enemy champion. This movement speed will decay over time. Cosmic Drive's other passive Hyperdrive will also provide movement speed
  • Relic Shield
    • Earn gold from this item to transform it into Targon's Buckler. While near an allied champion, abilities and attacks consume a charge to execute minions below a percentage of their max health. Killing a minion grants you and your ally a percentage of the kill gold and heals you. These effects recharge.
  • Spectral Sickle
    • Gain Attack Damage or Ability Power (Adaptive). While near an allied champion, damaging abilities and attacks against champions or structures grant gold. These effects recharge every second. Earn gold from this item to transform it into Harrowing Crescent
  • Meteor Enchant
    • Lights up an area and summons a meteor after, dealing a percentage of each enemy's max health as magic damage.
  • Protect Enchant
    • The power of the next heal or shield ability you use is increased. It does not affect heals or shields from items or runes

Wild Rift 3.4 - new modes

On the odd occassion, a Wild Rift patch comes with a new and exciting mode to break up back-to-back 5v5 runs (if you want that). Here's what's coming with Wild Rift 3.4:


A never-before-seen (in the rift) 1v1 duel mode is coming with this patch. Queue up to go toe-to-toe against a single opponent on the Howling Abyss.

Wild Rift 3.4 - Ranked Changes


Though the regular Ranked queue isn't undergoing any tweaks this time around, the recently added Legendary Ranked queue is. To stop players from rolling in with characters they may be as experienced with, Wild Rift 3.4 will add a Mastery check to the queue.

If you don't have a high enough Mastery to prove your skill with a champion, you'll need to grind that up in another queue before you'll be allowed to use them.

Wild Rift 3.4 Ranked Skins

  • Glorious Crimson Draven

Each new ranked reset means a new skin to work your way up to. Wild Rift 3.4 will make the Glorious Crimson Draven skin the one to aim for.

Wild Rift 3.4 events

  • Yone's Arrival - September
  • Supreme Cells - October
  • Power Spike Party - October
  • Bewitching Vex Bingo - Oct-Nov (unconfirmed)

This patch's events hint at when two of the four new characters will launch. Between them, we'll have the Supreme Cells event (billed as a "high-stakes battle between master fighters) and the Power Spike Party, which just looks like an excuse for the development team to shower us with freebies.

And, with that, we've covered just about everything we know about Wild Rift 3.4 right now. Patch notes will come closer to release. For now, though, consider checking out the Pokemon Unite tier list or Mobile Legends tier list if you want to get stuck into other mobile MOBA titles. There's also the Arena of Valor tier list if you want to play our personal favourite of the bunch.