Arena of Valor Tier List - Best Heroes for February 2022

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Artwork for Arena of Valor featuring the latest hero, Yue
May 12, 2022: With Yue becoming the latest hero to join the pool of characters, check back in the next few days for an updated Arena of Valor tier list to match the upcoming patch.

Wondering how the Arena of Valor tier list looks these days? It's changed a lot since the days of Alice dominating the support space or Quilen splitting the playerbase down the middle. As is the case with most character-saturated MOBA games, a few heroes stand out above the rest whether you're a total novice or a seasoned pro.


Arena of Valor has amassed over 100 unique heroes for players to choose from. Its wide range allows for plenty of unique team combinations, but power creep and powerful synergies are constantly shifting the meta, setting the stage for a constantly evolving tier list.

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Arena of Valor Tier List - Every Hero Ranked

Meta Arena of Valor Heroes for May 2022

Role Heroes
TankThane, Baldum, Grakk
WarriorRiktor, Veres, Maloch, Wonder Woman, Yena
AssassinQuillen, Kriknak, Paine, Murad, Nakroth
MageTulen, Lauriel, Dirak, Ignis, Krixi
MarksmanViolet, Laville, Hayate, Yorn
SupportTeemee, Zip, Rouie, Lumburr

In spite of having over 100 heroes to choose from, given that Arena of Valor is a MOBA title, the game will always feature some characters that are a lot more well-rounded than the others.

The heroes featured the Arena of Valor tier list above are all this season's meta picks - meaning they're common sights in public matches and common picks and bans in ranked. You're free to play any hero you wish, but these are common picks for a reason. They get results.


Arena of Valor Tank Tier List - Best Tanks for Ranked

Tier Hero
SThane, Baldum
AGrakk, Ata, Ormarr
BXeniel, Y'bneth
CRoxie, Omega, Mina, Max
DArum, Cresht

Tanks are durable and sustain-heavy heroes who prefer to stand on the frontlines of the team, blocking enemies from easily ganking the squishy damage-dealers on your team. The tier list above should paint a picture of which are the best tanks for the job, and which tend to buckle under the pressure of other meta picks.

Arena of Valor Warrior Tier List - Best Melee Heroes for Ranked

Tier Hero
SRiktor, Wonder Woman, Florentino
AVeres, Ryoma, Qi, Maloch, Omen, Dextra
BYena, Superman, Zuka, Kil'Groth, Lu Bu, Zephys
CRourke, Arthur, Astrid, Skud
DZanis, Wiro, Arduin, Errol, Amily

The best Arena of Valor warriors are capable of sustaining much longer than assassins. They swap out burst for steady, sustainable damage along with plenty of ways to disengage, reposition, and dive back in, keeping the pressure on.

Usually equipped with various crowd-control and mobility skills, Warriors are capable of finding a way out of most sticky situations. The Arena of Valor tier list above should point you to which warriors work best these days.


Arena of Valor Assassin Tier List - Best Jungle Heroes for Ranked

Tier Hero
SButterfly, Bright, Keera
AKriknak, Paine, Quillen, Airi
CEnzo, Batman, Wukong

Assassins in Arena of Valor, like most MOBAs, prefer to stay away from the lanes early on, training up in the jungles before sneaking in to snipe enemies on behalf of their laning teammates. The best tend to rely on landing quick-fire combos and require a keen eye to spot an open opportunity. Look above to see some of the best picks in the role.

In-game screenshot of Arena of Valor featuring a visual inside the player's base.

Arena of Valor Mage Tier List - Best Mids for Ranked

Tier Hero
SIgnis, Zata, Lorion
AKrixi, Raz,Liliana, Ilumia, Laville
BZill, Flash, Aleister, Azzen'Ka, Diaochan, Marja
CMganga, Dirak, Preyta, Kahlii, Jinnar, D'Arcy
DLauriel, Sephera, Gildur, Ishar, Natalya, Veera

Mages featured in Arena of Valor typically start off from the mid-lane and are capable of dealing massive bursts of magical damage from the very early stages of a game.


These heroes are often equipped with crowd-controlling abilities to make up for what they lack in escape mechanics. They can't take much damage, but they can certainly deal more than their fair share, and those in the Arena of Valor tier list above are the best of the lot.

Arena of Valor ADC Tier List - Best Bottom-Lane Carries for Ranked

Tier Hero
SCapheny, Hayate
AViolet, Slimz, Brunhilda, Moren, Laville
BElsu, Fennik, Tel'Annas, The Joker, Eland'orr
CThorne, Valhein
DWisp, Lindis, Yorn

ADC heroes are the ones most players tend to flock to. The ones that try to deal the most damage in the team, sitting on the back lines gunning down targets who struggle to catch up without meeting their grisly end.

They're not only the ones most likely to carry a team to victory - hence the name - but to drag them into the depths of defeat as well with brave yet brash attempts to bite off more than they can reasonably chew. It's a dangerous world to play ADC, but those high on the Arena of Valor tier list will stand a better chance at ripping through the competition.

Arena of Valor Support Tier List - Best Healers for Ranked

Tier Hero
STeemee, Zip
AKrizzix, Chaugnar, Rouie
CPeura, Annette

There are not a lot of options to choose from when it comes to Support heroes in Arena of Valor, but that doesn't mean they're incapable of holding up a team's strategy. The best Arena of Valor support tier list reflects picks able to shield, heal, and otherwise support the team with crowd-control skills and other means of keeping them safe and setting up proper team fights.


Who Is the Newest Arena of Valor Hero?

Yue, the newest Arena of Valor hero, arrived on January 25, 2022.

New hero releases in Arena of Valor often feature characters that are far from being optimally balanced.

Like Quilen back in the early days, one new broken release can throw the game off for weeks. So if you're a believer of any new character simply being the best, Yue is definitely the best choice for now.

Who Is the Next Arena of Valor Hero?

The lead-in to the release of Yue was long. Much longer than past Arena of Valor hero releases. It's unclear at this stage whether her launch represents a slowing release schedule or just an anomaly, but given most hero releases trail off the back of Honor of Kings in China, we're always somewhat aware of who the next character will be. It's more a question of when they'll release. We'll keep this section updated with any new Arena of Valor release date rumours, so check back often.