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One of the decisions made in Until Dawn - INQUIRE: You gonna be okay? REASSURE: We're not leaving you.
Credit: IGN

One of the decisions made in Until Dawn - INQUIRE: You gonna be okay? REASSURE: We're not leaving you.
Credit: IGN

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Until Dawn is a horror game series that revolves around the player making a series of decisions throughout the game. If you’re wondering what the latest on Until Dawn 2 is, then you’re in the right place.

The game was very influential in the way that it handled the player's consequences in the story. The decisions affected what happened to the cast of characters, from minor relationships between characters to even deciding which of them lived or died.

With that said, find everything there is to know about Until Dawn 2 in our hub packed with the latest news and features we want to see included should Supermassive Games begin developing the project.

Until Dawn 2 release date rumours

Currently, there is no news about an Until Dawn 2 release date. Since the release of the first game, the developer's Supermassive Games released a spinoff to Until Dawn called the Rush of Blood. They also quietly released a prequel named The Inpatient.

Once we hear any news surrounding a release date, we'll update the hub with the latest information.

Until Dawn 2 news

In June 2022, Supermassive Games released a spiritual successor to Until Dawn, called The Quarry. It featured very similar gameplay and themes, and many praised it for continuing the first game's atmospheric feel.

rami malek's character in Until Dawn
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In an interview with VGC, studio direction Will Byles said that he wasn’t sure “how far [the team] could stretch the teen horror thing out further”, but that they have plans for at least one more game in this format. Could it be Until Dawn 2 or a completely new project?

What we'd love to see in Until Dawn 2

Both new and returning characters

Until Dawn had a very solid and memorable cast of characters. Even though they had very little screen time in the beginning, both Hannah and Beth continued to be a driving force for the story. Their fate was tragic, and when it was revealed what exactly happened to them, it was truly chilling.

characters playing a game in until dawn
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This makes it difficult to bring back returning characters. Instead, Until Dawn 2 could reference some of the past characters instead, or they could have small cameos.

As for the rest of the cast, they would have to be new characters. This would be a great opportunity for players to connect with a new group of people though.

More consequences

The defining gameplay feature of Until Dawn was its butterfly effect system. This was set up through player decisions that would greatly affect the outcome of characters' stories later down the line.

It can be all too easy to rely on this kind of system when making a sequel though. Now that developers know how successful it is, they might make the mistake of returning to the gimmick without putting the same amount of effort into it.

Not take itself too seriously

One of the best things about Until Dawn was that it was a little cheesy. It never set out to be a genuinely terrifying horror game, and it shines best when viewed through the lens of a B-movie-style teen-slasher.

hayden panettiere's character in until dawn
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Ultimately, not all games are meant to be viewed critically. For Until Dawn 2 to have the same kind of reception as the first game, then the writing team need to figure out how to balance the horror tropes against both likeable characters and an interesting story.

Move away from historical events

One of the biggest complaints about Little Hope was that as soon as players realised the story included aspects of colonial-era witch trials, it became obvious where the story was heading.

In order to ensure that audiences don’t predict the ending of the story, Until Dawn 2 should focus on an original narrative.

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