Choo Choo Charles scraps locations - where to find scrap for upgrades

picture of choo choo charles

picture of choo choo charles

If you're playing the open world horror game Choo Choo Charles, then you're probably looking upgrade your train, but how do you do it? Well, we have you covered. You're going to need scraps, and our Choo Choo Charles scraps locations guide will help you find as much scraps as you could ever want.

Choo Choo Charles is an open world horror game where you travel around an island on an old train. You'll do quests to upgrade the train with the end goal of taking on the evil spider train, Choo Choo Charles.

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Choo Choo Charles scraps locations

Given that Choo Choo Charles is an open world game, you're going to be exploring and traveling around the world. Scrap can be anywhere! There are a few easy ways to find scrap in the game. First off, doing optional quests will award you some scrap, so be sure to complete all of those.

When you stop in a town to pick up these quests, make sure to pop into any buildings that are in the area. These are often common places to find scrap, whether it be on the ground, in boxes or on shelves. The amount of scrap that you'll find randomly in the world is less than completing optional quests, but it adds up over time.

What are scraps used for in Choo Choo Charles?

As we mentioned before, there's a couple uses for scraps in Choo Choo Charles. The main use for them is to upgrade your train's speed, damage or armor. You'll need a lot of scrap to max out these upgrades. The other use is to repair your train if it takes damage from encounters or general wear from your travels.

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