How long is Choo Choo Charles?

The player firing a turret gun at an evil train in Choo Choo Charles.

The player firing a turret gun at an evil train in Choo Choo Charles.

If you're about to dive into the wacky new survival horror game, you may have one question: how long is Choo Choo Charles? Mainly to keep the scares rolling and always having a new trick to pull on unsuspecting gamers, horror games aren't known for being ten hours affairs.

In this guide, we'll break down the length of Choo Choo Charles. While it's not a conventional horror game by any means, players have already managed to pace their way through the scares and get to the end credits.

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How long is Choo Choo Charles?

As you may expect, the Choo Choo Charles length has is being one of the shorter horror games of recent memory. In fact, some YouTubers have uploaded launch-day playthroughs of the entire game, which clock in at a shade under two hours. Therefore, even if you play especially cautiously, you'll probably finish Choo Choo Charles within three hours.

Some players have managed to finish the game in far less than 110 minutes, which appears to be the average playtime right now. One YouTuber, Search Games, finished Choo Choo Charles in 85 minutes, making it shorter than even a fairly brief film.

Despite this, it seems to be the precise purpose of Choo Choo Charles: to get in, give you some wacky scares, and get out. Future DLC or expansions could easily bolster the time required, but for now, it's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it kind of game.

However, you can stretch out your time with Choo Choo Charles if you know what to do. Completionists will no doubt want to unlock all the upgrades and weapons, as well as undertake the side missions that litter this train-infested horror sequence.

There's no sign of any other ways to extend your playtime yet, but 100% completion is certainly there to strive towards.

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