Choo Choo Charles upgrades guide - best upgrades for your train

Picture of Choo Choo Charles

Picture of Choo Choo Charles

The brand new open world horror game Choo Choo Charles has launched on PC. Like most open world games, you're going to need to upgrade your character, or in this case your train, to be able to take on the end game fights. If you're not sure what to upgrade, then our Choo Choo Charles upgrades guide will give you the best upgrades to get for your train.

Choo Choo Charles is an open world horror game where you travel around an island on an old train. You'll do quests to upgrade the train with the end goal of taking on the evil spider train, Choo Choo Charles.

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Best Choo Choo Charles upgrades

In Choo Choo Charles, you'll venture out into the world to explore and do quests in different towns that you come across. You'll get scrap along the way and you can use this scrap to upgrade your train to be able to fight off enemies and take on Charles.

There are three total categories that you can upgrade on your train, with 10 total upgrades in each category. The three categories are Speed, Damage, and Armor. Obviously, you'll want to try and get these upgraded as much as you can before taking on Charles, but what upgrades should you get first?

The first upgrades we'd recommend getting are for Speed. Mobility and Movement in open world games are typically strong at best, and great quality of life at worst. The next upgrade we'd recommend would be getting Damage, followed by Armor.

How do I upgrade my train in Choo Choo Charles?

In order to upgrade your train, you'll need to have scrap first and foremost. Once you have scrap, you'll want to head over to your train. Once inside, you'll see some blueprints sitting on a table below the weapon rack. If you interact with the blueprints, you'll be presented with the upgrade menu where you can select your upgrades.

This upgrades menu is also where you'll see your train's health and you can repair it to restore any missing health from encounters or roaming the world. This will also cost scrap so make sure to have some spare scrap handy.

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