PS Plus September 2022 - Lineup leaks, predictions, and release fate

PS Plus September 2022 - Lineup Leaks, Predictions, and Release Date

PS Plus September 2022 - Lineup Leaks, Predictions, and Release Date

If you're looking for all the latest information on the PS Plus September 2022 games, here is everything we know so far. As is expected, we are operating off the previous month's information and guesswork but they tend to stay pretty consistent.

For this reason, we'll go over the dates we are expecting to see the games arrive, plus our predictions for what we could see. September has a few huge games coming out so we can expect some games to tie into them.

If you're looking for it, here's our coverage of PS Plus August 2022 games. If this isn't your kind of thing, you should check out our Azur Lane tier list and Epic Seven tier list while you wait.

PS Plus September 2022 gamers release date

Generally, the next month's games get announced on the last Wednesday of the month, then released on the following Tuesday. If September follows this pattern, we can expect to see them announced on Wednesday, August 31.

Then, after this, they will launch for all subscribers on Tuesday, September 6.

PS Plus September 2022 game predictions

We don't have any good leaks on what the next games could be just yet. This being said, we have a few guesses. Given that The Last of Us is getting a next-gen remake, we could potentially see The Last of Us Part Two come to the service.

Alongside this, Biomutant is getting a native release on PS5 in September so we could see this arrive too. This all being said, these are just guesses based on what's happening in the month. It's possible that neither of these will pop up. We'll update you right here if anything changes.

Tiers of PS Plus explained

There are a handful of main tiers you can avail of, if you're looking to sign up for PS Plus The basic model, entitled Essential, gives you access to all the same benefits that PS Plus used to give. This means monthly games, alongside discounts, cloud storage and more.

The next tier, called Extra, is slightly more expensive and comes with access to a catalogue of PS4 and PS5 games. This is similar to PS Now.

After this is the most expensive option - Premium. As well as all of the above, it comes with PS2, PSP and PS3 remasters in a separate catalogue for you to play. It also comes with limited trials for new games and the option to cloud stream PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, and PS4 games. In territories without cloud streaming, you can get everything except the cloud options in a plan called Deluxe.

Here are the prices:


  • 1 Month: £6.99 ($9.99)
  • 3 Month: £19.99 ($24..99)
  • 12 Month: £49.99 ($59.99)


  • 1 Month: £10.99 ($14.99)
  • 3 Month: £31.99 ($39.99)
  • 12 Month: £83.99 ($99.99)


  • 1 Month: £13.49 ($17.99)
  • 3 Month: £39.99 ($49.99)
  • 12 Month: £99.99 ($119.99)

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