PS Plus October 2022 - Lineup leaks, predictions, and release date

PS Plus October 2022 - Lineup leaks, predictions, and release date

PS Plus October 2022 - Lineup leaks, predictions, and release date

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September 29, 2022: The games for October have been announced

If you're looking for information on the PS Plus October 2022 games, we have everything you need to know. Though we are still waiting for some information to come in, we finally know what the games are and when they arrive.

As well as going over the PS Plus October 2022 release date and possible game leaks, we'll go over how the current PlayStation Plus system works and which version you should buy depending on your needs. Though it may initially appear rather confusing, each tier comes with some great benefits that are worth paying attention to.

While you wait, there are tonnes of free games to try out before the next batch of games arrive. For this, we recommend checking out our Genshin Impact tier list, AFK Arena tier list, YuGiOh Master Duel deck list, and Wild Rift tier list. If you want something a little different, check out our Mobile Legends tier list.

PS Plus October 2022 games release date

Generally speaking, next month's games tend to get announced around the last Wednesday of every month, to launch on the following Tuesday. Luckily, this was true and new games were announced on September 28.

Then, we will see the games arrive on Tuesday, October 4. We'll update you right here if anything changes.

PS Plus September 2022 games

The PlayStation Plus games for October have been announced on the PlayStation Blog.

The games are:

  • Hot Wheels Unleashed
  • Injustice 2
  • Superhot

Tiers of PS Plus explained

There are a handful of main tiers you can get if you're looking to sign up for PS Plus. The essential tier gives you access to the standard PS Plus subscription from before the tiers were announced. With it, you get exclusive discounts, cloud storage, and free monthly games.

If you go up a little, you can get the extra tier, coming with a PS4 and PS5 games list to play. It's similar in scope to PS Now.

The most expensive option is the premium tier. This comes with a list of PS2, PSP, and PS4 games in a catalogue for you to play. You also have access to a list of cloud-only titles. As well as all of this, you can get limited trials to play new games. These are the prices of the tiers:


  • 1 Month: £6.99 ($9.99)
  • 3 Month: £19.99 ($24..99)
  • 12 Month: £49.99 ($59.99)


  • 1 Month: £10.99 ($14.99)
  • 3 Month: £31.99 ($39.99)
  • 12 Month: £83.99 ($99.99)


  • 1 Month: £13.49 ($17.99)
  • 3 Month: £39.99 ($49.99)
  • 12 Month: £99.99 ($119.99)

While you wait, we have tonnes more free games for you to test out. We advise looking at our Azur Lane tier list, Epic Seven tier list, and Alchemy Stars tier list.

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