CDL Major 2 - Where to watch, schedule, teams, and more

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CDL Major 2 2023
Credit: Call of Duty League
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February 5, 2023: Day three of Major 2 is right around the corner. Scroll down for all the latest intel.

Following the New York Subliners winning the very first event of the competitive Modern Warfare 2 season, the Call of Duty League (CDL) roared back into action ahead of CDL Major 2. The second event of the season takes place in Boston and gives the 12 teams another chance to be crowned champion.


All CDL teams are back in action and after three weeks of CDL Major 2 qualifiers, the stage is set for another weekend of world-class Call of Duty action.

Before we take a closer look at CDL Major 2, check out our guides showcasing the best Modern Warfare 2 assault rifle and all there is to know about upcoming Modern Warfare 2 double XP events.

Where to watch CDL Major 2 2023

With the CDL streaming all the action exclusively on Twitch, the only place to watch CDL Major 2 is on the Call of Duty Twitch channel.

So you don't miss any of the action, we've embedded the stream above meaning you can tune in when the action gets underway.

CDL Major 2 2023 schedule

Ahead of the event, the CDL has already unveiled the full event schedule which is great when it comes to keeping track of your favourite teams.

Day 1 - February 2

  • New York Subliners v Minnesota ROKKR | Winner's R1 | 6.30PM GMT
  • Boston Breach v Atlanta FaZe | Winner's R1 | 8PM GMT
  • Toronto Ultra v LA Guerrillas | Winner's R1 | 9.30 GMT
  • OpTic Texas v LA Thieves | Winner's R1 | 11PM GMT

Day 2 - February 3

  • New York Subliners v London Royal Ravens | Elimination R1 | 6.30PM GMT
  • Boston Breach v Seattle Surge | Elimination R1 | 8PM GMT
  • LA Thieves v Florida Mutineers | Elimination R1 | 9.30PM GMT
  • LA Guerrillas v Vegas Legion | Elimination R1 | 11PM GMT
  • LA Thieves v New York Subliners | Elimination R2 | 12.30AM GMT

Day 3 - February 4

  • LA Guerrillas v Boston Breach | Elimination R2 | 6.30 PM GMT
  • Toronto Ultra v Atlanta FaZe | Winner's R2 | 8PM GMT
  • OpTic Texas v Minnesota ROKKR | Winner's R2 | 9.30PM GMT
  • Toronto v LA Thieves | Elimination R3 | 11PM GMT
  • OpTic Texas v Boston Breach | Elimination R3 | 12.30AM GMT

Day 4 - February 5

  • Minnesota ROKKR v Atlanta FaZe | Winner's Final | 6.30PM GMT
  • LA Thieves v OpTic Texas | Elimination SF | 8PM GMT
  • Minnesota ROKKR v LA Thieves | Elimination Final | 9.30PM GMT
  • Atlanta FaZe v TBD | Grand Final | 11PM GMT

As the tournament progresses, we'll update the guide with the latest schedule so you know when all the actions take place.

Call of Duty League trophy
Credit: Call of Duty League

CDL Major 2 teams

During the breaks between the first and second Majors, multiple teams decided to make changes to their starting lineup. Here's a complete list of teams competing in Boston:

  • Atlanta FaZe - Slasher, Simp, aBeZy, Cellium
  • Boston Breach - Vivd, Owakening, Nero, Methodz
  • LA Thieves - Octane, Drazeh, Kenny, Envoy
  • Toronto Ultra - Scrappy, CleanX, Insight, Standy
  • Vegas Legion - Prolute, Clayster, Temp, TJHaly
  • Seattle Surge - Accuracy, Mack, Sib, Pred
  • Toronto Ultra - Scrappy, CleanX, Insight, Standy
  • New York Subliners - Priestahh, Skys, HyDra, Kismet
  • Florida Mutineers - MajorManiak, Vikul, Brack, Havok
  • London Royal Ravens - Skrapz, PaulEhx , Nastie, Asim
  • OpTic Texas - Huke, Shotzzy, Scump, iLLeY
  • Minnesota ROKKR - Afro, Cammy, Bance, Attach

CDL Major 2 results

Day 1 - February 2

  • New York Subliners 2-3 Minnesota ROKKR
  • Boston Breach 2-3 Atlanta FaZe
  • Toronto Ultra 3-1 LA Guerrillas
  • OpTic Texas 3-2 LA Thieves

Day 2 - February 3

  • New York Subliners 3-1 London Royal Ravens
  • Boston Breach 3-1 Seattle Surge
  • LA Thieves 3-0 Florida Mutineers
  • LA Guerrillas 3-2 Vegas Legion
  • LA Thieved 3-0 New York Subliners

Day 3 - February 4

  • LA Guerrillas 0-3 Boston Breach
  • Toronto Ultra 0-3 Atlanta FaZe
  • OpTic Texas 0-3 Minnesota ROKKR
  • LA Thieves 0-3 Toronto Ultra
  • OpTic Texas 3-0 Boston Breach

Day 4 - February 5

  • Minnesota ROKKR 2-3 Atlanta FaZe
  • LA Thieves 3-1 OpTic Texas

CDL Major 2 final placements

With the tournament coming to a close, the final placements for all 12 teams are slowly filling up. Take a look at our constantly updating list below:

Place Team Prize Money CDL Points
5th/6thToronto Ultra Boston Breach$20,00020
7th/8thNew York Subliners LA Guerrillas$10,00010
9th/12thFlorida Mutineers London Royal Ravens Vegas Legion Seattle Surge$00

That's all there is to know about CDL Major 2. For more, take a look at our other Modern Warfare 2 guides showcasing everything ranging from the best Modern Warfare 2 sniper rifle to the latest intel surrounding Modern Warfare 2 Season Two.