Legends of Runeterra 3.11 Patch Notes - New Expansion, Cards, and More

Legends of Runeterra Evelynn banner

Legends of Runeterra Evelynn banner

Legends of Runeterra has quitely become one of the worlds top tier digital trading card games. Some of that has to do with the abundance of content that Riot has put out for the game. Well today, we have the Legends of Runeterra 3.11 Patch Notes, and there's a lot to unpack.

This patch brings with it a new expansion, with new cards, mechanics, keywords, and more. There's also the introduction of the Global Star Guardian event that's sweeping across all of Riot's League of Legends focused titles.

While you're here, check out more about the Star Guardian Event in other games, as well as patch notes for League of Legends patch 12.13.

When Does Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.11 release?

The newest Legends of Runeterra patch 3.11 will be going live on July 20, 2022. It will release around 11 AM PST (7 PM BST) for all platforms. If there's any downtime, expect that that will start a few hours ahead of the launch time.

Legends of Runeterra 3.11 Patch Notes

Legends of Runeterra 3.11 Patch Notes

  • New Expansion - Forces From Beyond
    • New Cards
    • New Mechanics and Keywords
    • New Challenges, Quest and AI Decks
  • The Return of Labs
  • Path of Champions
  • Star Guardian Event
  • Personalization
    • Champion Skins
    • Boards
    • Guardians
    • Card Backs
    • Emotes
    • Icons
    • Bundles
    • Deck Bundles
  • Miscellaneous
  • Bug Fixes

There's alot to unpack, so let's dive into the new things coming with this patch.

New Expansion - Forces From Beyond

A new expasion is on the horizon, titled Forces From Beyond. This expansion introduces three new unique champions, new cards, keywords, as well as the Star Guardian Event. This will be playable at launch.

To check out some of the new cards, Riot has been previewing cards over on Mobalytics, so check that out to know what you're making for your day one decks!

New Champions, Keywords and Mechanics

Banner for Eveylnn and her ability in Legends of Runeterra
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The first new champion that is coming to the game is Evelynn. She has a new Origin, Agony's Embrace. This allows you to put any cards that summon Husks into your deck during deck building.

Card for Kai'sa and the Evolve mechanic in Legends of Runetera
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Next up, we have Kai'Sa, and she comes with the Evolve keyword. Evolve wants you to play a variety of keywords. Once you've summoned a total of 6 or more unqiue positive keywords, cards with Evolve get +2/+2.

Card for Gwen and Hallowed Keyword in Legends of Runeterra
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Lastly, we have Gwen joining the game. She comes with the Hallowed keyword. When a unit with Hallowed dies, for the rest of the game, your first attacking unit will gain +1/_0 for the round. This effect last the entire game, and stacks with more dead Hallowed cards.

Path of Champions

There's new content for the Path of Champions, which is the game's PVE content. There's a new region to explore in Shurima. Additionally, there's going to be four new champions for Path of Champions, being Kai'Sa, Evelynn, Gwen and Taliyah. There will also be six new relics available as well.

Return of Labs

The lab returns once more! This is where players can test out some crazy and experimental game modes. Here are the 3 modes being tested out in Labs this go around.

  • Ultra Rapid Draw: This high-speed evolution of our very first Lab was also our most popular of all time outside of Lab of Legends. Heimerdinger’s Temporal Transducer has gone haywire, and everything is looking a little quicker than usual! Receive a hand of random, heavily-discounted cards each round and spend your 4 mana wisely to outwit your opponent.
  • Welcome to the Jungle: Our first-ever constructed Lab drops you and your opponent into the wilds of the Rift! Each player has a Vulnerable, Immobile jungle monster on their board. Slay your opponent's monster to receive a powerful buff spell and spawn a new, even more powerful monster in its place. Instead of receiving random cards, you’ll be challenged to brew the perfect deck… or, if you’d rather get right into the action, you can choose quickplay and queue up with one of Heimerdinger’s own concoctions!
  • United Front (PVE): Runeterra's first co-op Lab returns and pits you and an ally against one of several powerful Noxian Generals controlled by the AI. Invite a friend or match with someone new, select a Champion to create a premade deck, and combine your forces to repel the invasion... but watch out, those Noxians have a few tricks up their sleeves!

Star Guardian Event pass in Legends of Runeterra
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Star Guardian Event

The Star Guardian event kicks off with this patch and there are a lot of rewards to get from it. As you can see there's going to be guardians, card backs and emotes from the event pass.

As you play games, you'll earn stardust which unlocks rewards for you. The event pass will be available at launch and the event will end on August 24, 2022 at 10 AM PST.


On top of the rewards for the Star Guardian Event pass, there's also some cool Star Guardian champion skins. We have skins coming for Gwen, Jinx, Kai'Sa, Quinn and Taliyah. These will change the art of the cards for those champions.

Star Guardian Board in Legends of Runeterra
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On top of that, there's a brand new Star Guardian themed board, which looks absolutely stunning.


There are some bundles that will be available for purchase as well. There's a couple of pass bundles that will include the Event pass. Additionally, there's a bundle called the Starlight Forces bundle. This bundle contains the five star guardian skins as well as the cards for those champions.

On top of that, there is going to be a deck bundle called Hallowed Hunters. This is a deck that revolves around Gwen, and it also includes the Star Guardian Gwen skin as well.

Miscellaneous and Bug Fixes

  • Moving forward, Path of Champions will be its own mode independent from Labs.
  • Fixed an issue where Spell Slinger’s targeting text does not update when damage is modified
  • Fixed an issue where the countdown number wasn’t highlighted in yellow for some landmarks
  • Fixed an issue where some champions’ card text did not update to reflect damage buffs
  • Fixed an issue where playing cards with Thermogenic Beam in hand would display Thermogenic Beam in the Action Log

And there we have it! This is going to be an amazing patch, so definitely go ahead and check it out! While you're here, check out what's new in Wild Rift Patch 3.3! If you're into Roblox, check out our Project Slayers Codes guide for some freebies, and speaking of freebies, why not give RAID: Shadow Legends a try? If you download it with our link and finish the tutorial, you'll get some awesome free rewards!

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