Hogwarts Legacy Is What Harry Potter Fans Always Wanted

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The Hogwarts Legacy needs to set a trend that many other prominent film IPs should emulate. Allow me to be a part of your movie/book universe. Instead of retelling the story we already know, let me make my own story in your world.

When you read Harry Potter, the first thing you think is, "I wish I were in this world." Maybe you just wish you were a character, but it's for the same reason; you want to explore the world yourself. To accomplish this properly, you must use RPGs and customized characters.


How Hogwarts Legacy does Harry Potter Right

What makes KOTOR the most popular Star Wars game? In KOTOR, fans were able to experience the Star Wars universe for themselves. Darth Revan is well-liked for the same reason that Commander Shepard is well-liked. We are them.

Hogwarts Legacy: Everything You Need To Know

Now, Hogwarts Legacy will do what KOTOR did and allow players to join the world of Harry Potter their own way. They get to make their own characters and design them the way they've always wanted. There is no doubt that this is what fans will enjoy the most.


Hogwarts Legacy has everything the fans want

In TikTok, there are many people who write stories and pretend to be a part of the Harry Potter universe. However, Harry Potter is not alone in this regard. Has Marvel, DC, or even The Lord of The Rings ever caught your eye in a way that made you envious?

Although the games we've received have RPG elements or allow us to play in their world, they're not us. As a player, you are usually restricted to what the character you play would do or want to do. Having to play a character that has been established in that universe places limitations on players.

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In Jedi: Fallen Order, did Cal, the one who condemned the Jedi Order to extinction, make the right choice? Even if you disagree, that's his choice, not ours. He's not us.
The great thing about Hogwarts Legacy is that we'll have those choices. I hope more studios use the example of Hogwarts Legacy. RPGs are always the right bet.