High Score Day Answer List - High Score Day Games Today

The High Score Day play screen.
June 16, 2022: Struggling with the games today? We have the High Score Day answer list right here.

Ready for yet another online guessing game? If Joshua Wardle's word-guessing phenomenon had you itching for a videogame version, our guide to each High Score Day answer today will be your lifeline going forward. This relatively new iteration is like a gamer's dream pub quiz, but the answers aren't shown unless you get them right.

High Score Day calls itself the daily video game guessing game - and that's exactly what it is. Load it up and you're presented with five in-game screenshots. Use them to guess each High Score Day answer and you'll come out with a perfect score. Fail, and you'll lose a life with each incorrect guess. If you're struggling with any one High Score Day answer today, refer to our list below.

Not content with just one new guessing game? Check out our games like Wordle list for every game we cover. For niche ones like this, our Heardle song guide is a good shout. And for movie moguls, the Framed answer guide is another good image-based game to load up each morning. We even have a Framed clue guide for that one.

What Are the High Score Day Answers Today? - June 16, 2022

Here are the High Score Day games today:

  • Halo: Reach
  • Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
  • Yakuza 0
  • Gears of War: Judgement
  • Metal Gear Solid 3

It is important that you get the right console down, as you may lose a point depending on what console you choose.

For example, in picture 4 for Clock Tower, you will get the wrong answer if you choose PSX instead of SNES, so keep in mind that you have to choose the right console for the game.

High Score Day Picture 1 - Dead Space
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High Score Day Answers of the Day

How Do I Play High Score Day?

Right now, googling the game can only get you so far. News posts have somehow managed to take the top search result spot, so you'll need to visit the High Score Day website via that link right there to play. If you like it, set a bookmark or send the page to your phone or tablet's home screen for easy access day after day.

What Is High Score Day?

If you've landed on this page through sheer coincidence or curiosity, you might still be confused as to what High Score Day even is. Simply put, it's a game that expects you to know five video games from nothing but a single still image.

As with any games like Wordle, the better your performance, the more you'll want to share your result to social media and show off to your friends. And if you just can't bear to turn up with anything but a perfect result, just use our High Score Day answer list above to bypass any you don't know.

Can I Play Previous High Score Day Games?

As of right now, there doesn't appear to be a way to go back and play previous High Score Day games.

A new High Score Day answer set appears each day. It, like many other similar web-based guessing games, uses your system clock to decide when the next day is, however, so there's every chance you can turn back your system clock to essentially travel back in time. It just takes too much effort to be worth it.

And that's about all there is to say about the High Score Day answer list today. We don't blame or judge you for needing to use this page.

The game doesn't even tell you what the correct answers were at the end of the day, so this page not only serves as a way to get them all right but as a way to discover any titles you simply haven't seen before. For more like this, our Hogwartle word list serves the dutiful Harry Potter community.

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