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Halo Infinite: Cross Platform Play With PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X?


Halo Infinite may unexpectedly feature cross-platform play with PlayStation 5. Now that we're waiting for the Halo Infinite Beta, as well as a first look at gameplay, it's time to examine the possibilities of the title in light of Microsoft's recent collaboration and crossplay policies. Though the Halo franchise has always been a Microsoft exclusive, the current generation features potential changes to the formula.

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Will Halo Infinite Be On PlayStation 5?


Whether Halo Infinite will appear on PlayStation 5 is still unknown at this point in time, however Microsoft have proven optimistic about it.

In an interview with Kotaku, the topic of Halo on PS4 came up. The interviewer asked Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox, whether they would value having a Gears or a Halo on a PlayStation or a Switch? Phil said:

“The games themselves are critically important to players and people playing. But ensuring that you have a connected ecosystem with the players, where people’s save game and their state and their friends list and their entitlements move seamlessly from every ecosystem—from every device—that they want to play on is critical. There aren’t other systems where we can go do that today.”

These are positives comments, however we are limited by the technical barriers and negotiations that would stand in the way. With games like Fortnite making it possible to play cross-platform, the reality could be much sooner than later and with a release date set for late 2020 it could be on the cards.

Gears of War already features cross-platform play between the Xbox One and PC, the likelihood of this being a feature for Halo Infinite is very high. There is also talk about Halo Infinite featuring cross-generation play between Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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