How to Play the Halo Infinite Coop Campaign Beta

Halo Infinite Campaign Banner

Halo Infinite Campaign Banner

When Microsoft released Halo Infinite launched, it had a lot of anticipation around it. It had a free multiplayer experience and a solid campaign, but one thing that it didn't have was coop play for that campaign. But that's about to change with the Halo Infinite Coop Campaign Beta.

Halo's Developers, 343 Industries, has announced that there will be a beta for Coop Campaign, as well as dates for the beta. Today we'll go into all the details on how you can get into the beta.

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Halo Infinite Coop Campaign Beta Launch

When Does the Halo Infinite Coop Campaign Beta Start?

The developers have revealed that the Halo Infinite Coop Campaign Beta will start in July 11, 2022 and will run until July 22. This gives you almost 2 weeks to give this beta a try.

We are unsure exactly of a start time for the beta. Players will need to download a test build of the campaign in order to play, so stay tuned to find out when that becomes available.

Additionally, we don't have an official release date for the Coop Campaign, or Forge mode, but this beta could be used to test for upcoming DLC.

How Do I Play the Halo Infinite Coop Campaign Beta?

There are a few steps required to play the Halo Infinite Coop Campaign Beta, but they're fairly easy to do. First off you'll need to be in the Halo Insider program. This just requires you to sign up for an account.

Secondly, you'll need to have a copy of the campaign, or have Xbox Game Pass. If you're playing on Steam, you'll want to make sure to sign up for the beta before July 5th, 2022. If you're playing in other places, then you don't have a deadline to sign up.

Other Halo Infinite Coop Campaign Beta Info

There is some other information that we do know about the Beta. As we mentioned before, when the beta goes live, players will need to download a test build of the campaign. This means that no saved data will carry over from your live version of the game. No data will transfer back to live from the beta either so this is a truly closed environment.

This beta will feature online four player coop play, but it seems that players will have to stay within a certain proximity of each other. This limited the exploration possible in Coop.

Another feature that's being tested out is Mission Replay. This feature was missing from launch. This will allow you to replay any of the story missions in the Halo Infinite Campaign.

There we have it! This is a prety exciting beta, especially if you missed playing the campaign with your friends. If you're considering picking up Game Pass to participate in this Beta, check out our guide on Games With Gold to see what other benefits and games you get!

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