Xbox Games with Gold July 2022 List

We're only a few days into June, but that can't (and won't) stop us from thinking up the Xbox Games with Gold July 2022 lineup. Many years on from its inception, speculating the next month's free games just never gets old. It's too early to say for certain what they'll be, but we're going to try.

As a reminder, Xbox Games with Gold titles aren't the same as Xbox Game Pass titles. Though you'll gain access to both with the upper-tier subscription, there's a distinct difference: Xbox GWG titles are yours to keep once claimed, whereas Game Pass titles come and go much like your favourite show on a streaming platform.

For more free games across a bunch of platforms, check out the EGS free games list on PC, the PS Plus games for June if you play on Sony's machine as well, and what you can stream from the PS Now June lineup if you're after retro titles.

When Will Xbox Games with Gold July Games Be Announced?

Typically speaking, Microsoft announces the Xbox GWG games for the following month a day or two before the start of it - the exact day, however, isn't always set in stone.

For example, the June games list was announced on May 31, but the July list back in 2021 was revealed on June 29.

What we can glean from that, though, is that Microsoft prefers to announce the new Xbox Games with Gold games on a Tuesday, making June 28 the best possible guess as to when it'll finally announce the next set of freebies.

Conker: Live & Reloaded was an Xbox GWG July game in 2021.
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What Were the Xbox Games with Gold Games for July Last Year?

Though there's no way to guess this year's games through last year's, we understand the curiosity. If you missed out on the Xbox GWG July 2021 set, here's what you could have added to your collection:

  • Planet Alpha
  • Rock of Ages 3
  • Conker: Live & Reloaded
  • Midway Arcade Origins

Beyond the very NSFW Conker: Live & Reloaded original Xbox game on offer, July 2021 was a relatively light month in terms of exciting freebies. That being said, it was always a great way to experience some relatively niche titles for very little cost.

How Do I Claim Xbox Games with Gold July 2022 Games?

Once they're active, you'll find the Xbox Games with Gold July 2022 games high up on the store page through your Xbox console. If you don't see the option, search for each individual game.

The typical price should be scratched out, signalling that you can redeem it for free for being an Xbox GWG member.

We'll update this page as and when the Xbox Games with Gold July 2022 titles are hinted at, leaked, or officially revealed. Until then, check out how to play Fortnite through Xbox Cloud Gaming on phones and tablets that otherwise don't support it.

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