Will Halo Infinite Have Double XP Weekends?

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Will Halo Infinite have double XP weekends? We can but hope. Thousands of players have flocked to Halo Infinite's first season of multiplayer - or beta season, to be more precise - but the free-to-play mode's progression has put more than a few people off. At first, you only received XP toward Battle Pass progress if you completed some of Infinite's daily or weekly challenges. 343 responded to player feedback about how long it took to gain any meaningful amount of XP and implemented a (very small) change that gives you 50 XP toward your goal of 1,000 every time you play a match.

Will Halo Infinite Have Double XP Weekends?

So far, 343 has made no mention of double XP weekends or plans to change anything connected to how players earn XP, aside from the daily challenge tweak already implemented. However, the dev team did say they're taking all player feedback into consideration, so it's possible we'll see double XP weekends or some other change when the full game launches on December 8.

It's also possible we'll see some XP-related activities during the Fractures Tenrai event when it kicks off November 22.

Halo Infinite's XP screen, showing which challenges the player cleared in a match and how many XP points they earned.
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How to Get Double XP in Halo Infinite

So far, the only way to boost how much XP you get is by purchasing an XP boost or earning one through the Premium Battle Pass. The Battle Pass doesn't give out many of these, though. You'll get one every five or six levels, perhaps, but they are free, aside from the price of admission.

If you want more of them or want them sooner, you'll have to pay 200 credits. The lowest number of credits you can get in Halo Infinite is 500 ($5), so that'll get you 2 XP boosts for a combined total of 1 hour of double XP.

Are XP Boosts Worth It in Halo Infinite?

If you have them, you may as well use them. If not, it's not really worth spending money on, not until 343 adds custom playlists. The last thing you want is spending money on XP Boosts only to get thrown into a 15-minute long match of capture the flag or spawn on a map that has nothing to do with your weekly challenges.