Halo Infinite: How to Defeat Hunters

Of all the non-boss enemies you'll face in Halo Infinite, Hunters are undeniably the hardest to kill. They are big, blue, and heavily armoured, with even the most powerful weapons barely doing any damage at all. If you know how to fight Hunters, things become much easier. There's a specific strategy that can be used to get around them, allowing you to target the weak parts of their armour. Here's how to defeat Hunters in Halo Infinite.

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Halo Infinite: How to Defeat Hunters

Hunters are covered with extremely effective armour that will block the majority of the damage received from a weapon. There are gaps in this armour, however, which expose the orange body underneath. Aim for these spots using a sniper rifle or other precision weapons for massive damage.

Master Chief points a Bulldog at a Hunter as it fires green projectiles from its hand cannon
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While doing damage to Hunters will kill them eventually, there is a way to speed things up. First, equip the Thruster upgrade with the D-pad. Use it to get around behind the Hunter and fire at its back. This will break the armour and expose the Hunter's orange, fleshy back. This is where you'll want to aim from this point on - damage there is absolutely enormous compared to the rest of this bullet sponge.

You can use the grapple hook to get behind a Hunter quickly, too. I've found the Needler a good weapon to use, as it will home in slightly on the back as long as you are behind the enemy. The Bulldog shotgun also works well here.

You can also bring a vehicle or turret into the fight to help things along, but note that you will lack the precision to hit the gaps in armour. Your best bet is to stay on foot, using the Thruster or grapple hook to strafe around the Hunter, until you get a clear shot at its back.

That's how to defeat Hunters in Halo Infinite. For more help with the game, check out our Fast Travel Guide. Once you're done there, you should head over to our best multiplayer weapons guide for tips on dominating online.

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