Halo Infinite: How to Use Fast Travel

Halo Infinite features the largest map featured in the series to date. As such, it has implemented a Fast Travel feature to help speed things up. It's a little different to how it works in other games, given Halo Infinite's strange progression structure. Large parts of the map are often accessible, but you will be able to use Fast Travel in most cases. Here's how it all works.

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Halo Infinite: How to Fast Travel

To Fast Travel in Halo Infinite, just bring up the world map while in the open section of Zeta Halo. Hover over a Forward Operating Base and then press 'X'. This will allow you to Fast Travel to that area. There are some restrictions, which become clear as you progress through the story. Some missions, like the House of Reckoning and Foundation story missions take place in separate areas of Zeta Halo. As such, you cannot Fast Travel to or from these areas. Similarly, large parts of Zeta Halo cannot be Fast Travelled to until unlocked. Generally, Fast Travel becomes much more open once you've finished the campaign, after which you are placed back on Zeta Halo, free to explore.

The Halo Infinite open world map, highlighting the Annex Ridge encampment.
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How to Unlock More Fast Travel Points

To unlock new Fast Travel points you will need to clear FOBs. These are Forward Operating bases and once cleared of enemies, serve as new Fast travel points where you can stock up on weapons and vehicles. Other locations like Beacons and certain key banished encampments can also be Fast travelled to. Just hover your cursor over a location to see if you can warp to it.

Fast Travel Offline

If you look at the screenshot above you will find a 'Fast Travel Online' message in the bottom right. this will be online for most of the game, though there are some parts in the story where it will read 'Fast Travel Offline'. This can only be changed by progressing in the story. We won't spoil why this is for now, just know that at certain points it is normal for your Fast travel capabilities to be offline.

That's how Fast Travel works in Halo Infinite. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on Changing the Difficulty. Elsewhere there's our look at this week's Halo Infinite Multiplayer Challenges.

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