Halo Infinite: How to Use the Needler

Halo Infinite has reinvented various elements like its progression system while bringing back classic weapons like the Needler.

The Needler is the game's most innovative weapon. Though it's hard to shoot, it's super fun to use and sounds pretty cool too.

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Halo Infinite: How To Use The Needler

The Needler boasts a luscious, pink-purple aura while holding 26-rounds per magazine. When shooting, it launches a host of needles at a high fire rate and is able to pierce your foes - it's kind of a nice change to regular bullets.

Unfortunately, the SMG is ineffective at long-range. To maximise your impact, use the Needler in close-quarters. And even then, the needles are so difficult to pinpoint on enemy Spartans. So when your enemies are in sight and the crosshairs turn red, shoot. The nearer you are to your foes, the greater the damage you can inflict.

Spartans is jumping at an enemy ship in mid-air.
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Credit: 343 Industries

You can also use the Needler against a group of Spartans. The Needler spews a load of nails quickly, allowing it to pierce multiple people at once while blinding them with purple mist.

While the Needler isn't the most powerful gun in Halo Infinite, it's definitely the coolest. With our recommendation of using the SMG in close combat, find out which maps and modes are best.

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