Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown: Start Time, Challenges, Rewards

The Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown event is out right now, and we've been to getting right into it, jumping into loads of games of Attrition. We're seeing events pretty regularly, so here's everything you need to know to get you right into the thick of Cyber Showdown.

Cyber Showdown Start Date

We'll be seeing Cyber Showdown run from January 18 to January 31. This puts it between the weeks of the Fracture: Tenrai event, with the third week of the Samurai event starting the day after.

Check out the info below.

Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown Rewards

Here are the rewards for the Cyber Showdown event:

  1. Expecting Trouble Rare Stance
  2. Electric Bubblegum Epic Weapon Coating (MA40 Assault Rifle)
  3. Cross Stitch Rare Backdrop
  4. Brute Rock Legendary Backdrop
  5. Neon Screen Epic Armour Effect
  6. Electric Bubblegum Epic Armour Coating (Mark VII)
  7. Kukri Epic Charm
  8. Blackpool Epic Visor (Mark VII)
  9. Hunter Blood Rare AI Colour
  10. Neon Hawk Epic Armour Effect

For rank ten, you'll unlock the Neon Hawk Armour Effect, which looks like an extremely slick shiny mohawk hairstyle (and a bit too easy to spot when you're trying to camouflage yourself).

We'll be using it regardless - fancy Spartans are the way to go.

The Neon Hawk epic armour effect for the Cyber Showdown Halo Infinite event. It features a glowing multicoloured mohawk on top of the Spartan's head.
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Credit: 343 Industries

Cyber Showdown Game Modes

In Cyber Showdown, the game mode you're playing is called Attrition. In it, you're tasked with killing enemies like a game of Slayer, but there's also shared respawns for your team - when you run out you'll have to manually go and resurrect your teammates.

It's an interesting twist on the mode, and pretty satisfying when you're able to defeat the enemy when you're both on your last legs.

All the Cyber Showdown challenges need to be completed in Attrition too.

Cyber Showdown Challenges

In order to rank up your Cyber Showdown Battle Pass, you'll need to complete various special challenges. These include the following:

  • Kill enemy Spartans with a melee attack in Attrition
  • Kill enemy Spartans in Attrition
  • Kill enemy Spartans with the Sidekick pistol in Attrition
  • Complete Attrition matches
  • Get assists in Attrition

Of course, these missions will all have different numbers attached for how many kills you need to get or matches you need to complete. The harder challenges will offer you extra XP for your standard Battle Pass too!

That's all we have for the Cyber Showdown event! It's all kicked off though, and we'll have all the updates you need for the event as the event goes on! In the meantime, why not grind a bit of XP? We have advice on the best Halo Infinite guns, as well as tips on all the multiplayer map callouts and weapon locations to help you out and maximise your performance!

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