Halo Infinite's Installation Sizes And Pre-Load Details Revealed

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Master Chief is set to return with the launch of Halo Infinite's campaign and the complete multiplayer later today. Ahead of the Xbox mascot's arrival, many have been wondering if you could pre-download the title.

343 Industries has revealed more details about pre-loading, as well as estimating the game size for the title.

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Halo Infinite's Install Sizes And Pre-Download Details Revealed

It has been confirmed that there will be no pre-loading for Halo Infinite. However, 343 Industries recommends you download the multiplayer companion ahead of its launch.

The campaign may be downloaded on top of the online component, speeding the process up and saving time compared to the installation of a full game. If you're unsure of where to find the online mode, check out how to download Halo Infinite's multiplayer.

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Credit: 343 Industries

The installation sizes will vary depending on whether you're trying to download the campaign and/or multiplayer, or if you have the online beta already on your system.

If you're starting from scratch:

  • Installing Multiplayer only: approximately 26.53 GB
  • Installing both Multiplayer and Campaign: estimated 48.42 GB

If you have the multiplayer beta already downloaded:

  • Multiplayer update only: 3.97 GB
  • Campaign installation: additional download of approximately 25.86 GB
  • Total for both downloads: estimated 29.83 GB total

Halo Infinite is launching ahead of rave critical reception, with our own review praising the sequel as it "recaptures that classic Halo magic from the early 2000’s".

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