Best keyboard for Halo Infinite

An orange-armoured character in Halo firing a red gun.
Credit: Xbox

An orange-armoured character in Halo firing a red gun.
Credit: Xbox

The best keyboard for Halo can help you upgrade your game, win more matches, and have a great time with the classic sci-fi shooter.

As ever, picking out the best keyboard for Halo is a tall task, taller even than the Master Chief himself. There are just so many options, and it's tough to sort it all out.

After all, outside of just things like aesthetic choices, you've got different connection types, different keys to consider, extra features that can be thrown in, and more. We're here to help though.

Whether you're looking for a cracking wired keyboard like the SteelSeries Apex Pro, or you want more of a handy budget choice in the Redragon K552, we've got you covered.

Once you've picked up your keyboard, make sure to launch into Halo Infinite and check out our guide to the best mouse and keyboard settings so you can get the most out of your peripherals and take the game by storm.

Best keyboards for Halo Infinite

  1. SteelSeries Apex Pro
  2. ASUS ROG Claymore II
  3. Razer Blackwidow V3
  4. Redragon K552
  5. Logitech G915 Lightspeed TKL
SteelSeries Apex Pro product image of a black gaming keyboard with wristrest and backlit keys.
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Credit: SteelSeries

1. SteelSeries Apex Pro

Best wired keyboard for Halo Infinite

Switches: OmniPoint Switches - RGB: Yes - Optical: No - Wristrest: Yes - Wireless: No - Battery Life: Wired

For a properly brilliant wired gaming keyboard, there are few better out there than the Steelseries Apex Pro.

The headline feature here is that this board features switches with an adjustable actuation point. What this essentially means is that you can adjust the distance on the switch between pushing it down and the input being recorded.

For gaming, this can be especially helpful so you don't need to push a key all the way down for it to function, which in turn allows for an even snappier experience than with more traditional linear switches.

The SteelSeries Apex Pro also features an intriguing party piece by way of its OLED display that sits in the top right corner of the board. This can show various pieces of interesting information including system temperature and RAM usage, or Discord notifications.

It's also quite a suave-looking gaming keyboard with an aircraft-grade aluminium frame that also ensures this should be quite sturdy and well-made too.

ASUS ROG Claymore II product image of a blue and grey modular gaming keyboard.
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Credit: ASUS

2. ASUS ROG Claymore II

Best wireless keyboard for Halo Infinite

Switches: RX Blues/RX Reds - RGB: Yes - Optical: Yes - Wristrest: Yes - Wireless: Yes - Battery Life: 43 Hours (Full RGB)/ 144 Hours (No Lighting)

If it's wireless freedom you're after, then the Asus ROG Claymore II looks to be a fantastic shout, especially given it has marked itself out as one of the best gaming keyboards money can buy today.

What you're getting here is a nice blend of a solid metal and plastic construction alongside an ingenious modular design that allows you to choose whether you want a full-size keyboard, or a tenkeyless option without a number pad.

You'll also find that the ROG Claymore II also offers up a brilliant set of optomechanical switches, or in other words, switches that operate at the speed of light. There's the option of either Asus' own RX Red or Blue, giving the choice of either a linear or tactile switch.

In addition, you'll find a handy combo of USB-C charging and what looks like good battery life with 144 hours with no Aura-sync enabled lighting, or 43 hours with it on.

On the subject of lighting, the RGB present on the ROG Claymore II looks to be pretty sharp and the associated software should also offer up plenty of customisation.

Razer Blackwidow V3 product image of a green gaming keyboard.
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Credit: Razer

3. Razer Blackwidow V3

Best Razer keyboard for Halo Infinite

Switches: Razer Greens/Razer Yellows - RGB: Yes - Optical: No - Wristrest: Yes - Wireless: Yes - Battery Life: Wired

Razer makes some of the best peripherals out there, and the Blackwidow V3 is no exception.

You may notice it's got quite an eye-catching outer shell, largely thanks to the fact this version of Razer's gaming veteran is a special Halo Infinite edition, complete with nods to Master Chief, including the code 117 that's present on the wristrest. Overall, we think this looks rather cool.

Under its rather classy-looking shell, the Blackwidow V3 features a choice of either Razer Green or Razer Yellow switches for a choice of either linear or tactile offerings. Both options should feel decent under the finger and help to provide a cracking experience when you're in the heat of battle.

It also offers up Razer's signature Chroma RGB lighting that should be bright and crisp, and the associated Synapse 3 software will also allow you to customise the keyboard's inputs and lighting to your heart's content, including programming macros which will definitely come in handy.

A convenient wired connection also ensures that there should be zero latency here as well.

Redragon K552 product image of a tenkeyless gaming keyboard with RGB lighting.
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Credit: Redragon

4. Redragon K552

Best budget keyboard for Halo Infinite

Switches: Outemu Reds - RGB: Yes - Optical: No - Wristrest: No - Wireless: No - Battery Life: Wired

If you're looking for a marvellous gaming keyboard on a budget that will get you results, then the Redragon K552 looks like a great choice.

Under the hood, you'll find some Outemu Red switches, which are their equivalent to CHERRY MX Reds, and will be ideal for gaming, given that they are light and linear switches. These will allow for snappier inputs, which can certainly help when you're in the heat of battle.

Alongside this, you won't be getting any dodgy inputs as the Redragon K552 features both anti-ghosting and NKRO, which are two must-have features in the modern market, even on more budget-oriented boards.

It also offers up a tenkeyless form factor, saving you a little bit of desk space, and also allowing you to pair this keyboard with the combo of a larger mouse pad and a brilliant mouse for FPS games to go with it.

There are also 19 different lighting presets to choose from, meaning this Redragon board should also look the part when you're gaming.

Logitech G915 Lightspeed TKL product image of a dark grey TKL gaming keyboard.
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Credit: Logitech

5. Logitech G915 Lightspeed TKL

Best low-profile keyboard for Halo Infinite

Switches: GL Clicky/GL Tactile/GL Linear - RGB: Yes - Optical: No - Wristrest: No - Wireless: Yes - Battery Life: 40 Hours (Full RGB)/ 135 Days (No Lighting - 8 hours use per day)

The Logitech G915 Lightspeed TKL makes our list because of quite an intriguing party piece it features - low-profile switches.

On a basic level, this particular keyboard is quite a thin board and therefore offers up some switches with a shorter key travel. For gaming, this is especially handy as it means you don't have to push down the keys as much as usual for them to actuate, and also allows for snappier inputs.

With regards to switch selection, Logitech is utilising Kalih switches for this particular board and you get a choice of three - GX Tactile, GX Linear, and GX Clicky. These would match up in feeling with CHERRY MX Browns, Reds, and Blues respectively.

The G915 Lightspeed TKL is also a tenkeyless keyboard, which is also pretty handy. Space-saving layouts are becoming more popular by the moment, and having a TKL keyboard means you aren't sacrificing too much in terms of layout to get more space.

Even with this being a wireless board, Logitech's Lightspeed wireless connection ensures a practical zero latency connection with a response time of 1ms, and there's also some immense battery life to boot - 40 hours with RGB on, and 135 days (yes, days) with it off.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We've answered some of the most frequently asked questions to help your search...

Is a keyboard good for Halo?

Absolutely. While many view the Halo series as one tied to consoles, and it does feel good on consoles, it's definitely better on keyboard and mouse if you've got the skills to use them.

A keyboard and mouse allow you to finely control things and aim, and because Halo is an FPS, having surgical accuracy is a huge boon if you can manage it.

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