Best PC Settings for Halo Infinite - Mouse and Keyboard

Are you playing Halo Infinite on PC? Maybe you just prefer mouse and keyboard controls? Well, we've got the guide for you, then. Here are the best Halo Infinite PC settings.

We've been playing a bunch and watching other players fiddle with their settings, so now we can share with you the best display and control settings on the PC version of Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite PC Display Settings

Here are the PC display settings to go for on Halo Infinite:

Field of View
Minimum Frame Rate
Maximum Frame Rate
Matching your monitor's refresh rate
Limit Interactive Frame Rate
Depth of Field
Shadow Quality
Lighting Quality
Volumetric Fog Quality
Cloud Quality
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With your graphics quality settings, you should focus on what your PC setup can handle. A good gauge for this is the VRAM usage on the right-hand side of the Video settings menu. You want the VRAM usage to be below the 'Ideal' marker as if it creeps above that the game will start losing performance.

'Quality Preset' changes all the values, so if you want to bulk-tweak your graphics to a lower or higher setting, use that option.

If you're looking for specific things to tweak to boost your FPS with minimal loss to actual visual quality, there are a couple of options to help here.

You can turn 'Anti Aliasing' and 'Reflections' to Low if you want to squeeze more frames out of your game, but VRAM usage will only really be impacted strongly by reducing your Texture and Geometry quality. The game still looks lovely on lower settings though!

Remember, all the settings in the table above can be turned up if your PC can handle it, so don't worry about chucking everything on Low if you don't have to! These are just settings that can help your CPU and GPU perform better if you need to.

Sensitivity and Acceleration

You have to get your sensitivity and acceleration controls right on PC, otherwise, you'll end up at a competitive disadvantage against your foes. Here are the best sensitivity settings to use in Halo Infinite for PC:

Mouse Sensitivity
Vertical Sensitivity Scale
Horizontal Sensitivity Scale
Mouse Acceleration

We want vertical sensitivity slightly higher than horizontal, as the control you'll have when aiming from side to side is much more important to get right in precision.

Of course, it's all down to personal preference, so if your gaming mouse's DPI and the in-game sensitivity don't match up correctly, you should tweak it until it's comfortable to you.

There you have it! Get on your mouse and keyboard and give it a go! If you're not sure about the hardware, you could always check out the best keyboards for Halo Infinite, as well as info on how to gain XP and rank up fast.

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