Halo Infinite's Battle Pass Progression Speed is Being Fixed

Since the launch of Halo Infinite's multiplayer, fans have been raving about its seamless release and classic Halo gameplay. It's been a real triumph. It hasn't been completely perfect, however. The Halo Infinite Battle Pass progresses excruciatingly slowly.

Not for long, though.

Halo Infinite's Community Manager John Junyszek has announced there will be changes made to the way Battle Pass progression works. He announced it on Twitter last night, and it bodes well for the future of Halo Infinite that 343 Industries are keen to adapt and change when things aren't quite right.

Here's what was said:

You can click on the tweet to see the whole thread, but for your convenience, here are the changes 343 are making.

  • "Play 1 Game" daily challenges added to add progression after every game
  • Buggy weekly challenges removed, some bugs fixed
  • Challenges need to be reset - players are compensated with this week's Ultimate Reward (Sigil MKVII Visor). Log in between Nov 23rd and Nov 30th to claim
  • 2XP boosts duration doubled to 1 hour instead of 30 minutes

Hopefully, these should improve the Battle Pass experience for players, with faster progression through the tiers and rewards unlocked faster and faster. To help you out though, why not check out the best Halo Infinite guns to make sure you're picking up the right kit?

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