Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges Not Tracking - How To Fix

Halo Infinite weekly challenges not tracking? It's not just yours. The issue seems to be affecting a number of players at random in the Halo Infinite beta, though 343 have attempted to address it through their patch notes. If you're still struggling though, here are a few things you can try to help get around the problem and keep earning that XP.

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Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges Not Tracking


Try completing one of the challenges on a random team instead of with a squad you form with friends. One of my challenges wasn't tracking while I was on someone else's team, but when I went back and completed the task again on my own, it started counting toward the required number of matches.

The other, simpler, solution is to try quitting the game, then logging back in to complete the challenge again.

If all else fails, but you're still determined to finish that particular challenge, you could use one of the challenge swap items to replace it with a different one, one that, ideally, will track your progress. Challenge Swaps are rewards at most free tiers of the Battle Pass, or you can purchase them for a small number of credits.

The Halo Infinite Battle Pass menu, showing the current season and rewards, along with the active daily and weekly challenges
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It's not an ideal method, though. Unless you spend credits, it takes XP to get the Challenge Swaps, which you're using... to get more XP.

Halo Infinite's ranking system is completely separate from its Battle Pass, and you don't need XP to level up. Ranks are determined based on how many matches you compete in and how well you perform - or don't - in them.

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