Guilty Gear Strive Patch 1.10: Release Confirmed In Mid October, Improved Servers, Gameplay Changes Confirmed

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Arc System Works has released more details about Patch 1.10 for Guilty Gear Strive. Server connection loading times will be improved and gameplay changes are also being implemented. Here's what we know about this update.

Latest News -

13 October 2021 -


As a reminder, following the release of Guilty Gear Strives Update 1.10 Patch we'll be updating our Guilty Gear Strive Tier List once we've seen how the new changes and meta shake out.

Patch 1.10 Release Date

As seen in the eighth volume of the Developer's Backyard post on Guilty Gear's official site, Patch 1.10 arrives in Guilty Gear Strive on October 15. At this moment, we don't know specific times that it'll drop at.


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Improved Server Connection Times

Guilty Gear Strive Patch 1.10 adds an update to improve online server loading times. Since release, Strive's load times have seen many players waiting for almost a full minute to get in. This patch fixes this issue for every region, letting players start playing immediately.

Gameplay Changes

The developers also confirmed there'll be general gameplay improvements too when the Patch 1.10 arrives. Those tweaked mechanics particularly revolve around the Faultless Defence block, input buffer extend, and increased the window to escape throws.


Many high-level players have commented that offense is too strong in Strive, often only rewarding players who can maintain momentum. Players stuck on defence must weather a storm of strong offensive options, facing an uphill battle to steal momentum from their foe.

Meanwhile, character changes will include adjustments for their fastest normals, aerial normal counter hit interactions, and an increase of moves that can be cancelled into jump or air dash.

Fast Normal Adjustments

For this change, the fast normal improvements can help struggling characters to get an edge if they have a reliable normal to use against difficult pressure. Many characters are shafted of their strong potential to fight if forced to defend and can't use their options freely. These characters get shafted as their "fast normals" are still too slow to interrupt pressure and get locked into well-structured offense easily.


Aerial Counter Hit Changes

Meanwhile, the aerial normal counter hit interactions could reward more characters consistently. Currently, characters with good reach and fast movement are the only picks who can get a good, rewarding combo with successfully interrupting an aerial approach. Perhaps, this change will give more reward to some low-tier struggling characters.

More Moves Cancellable To Jump Or Airdash

Lastly, more moves that can be cancelled to jump or air dash will open more avenues for some characters to pressure their foes. Overall, this change could help make the game feel "faster" as characters have reliable options to advance, escape or just move around if they can land a hit on their foe.


No Character Release

The developers also confirmed they're still working on Strive's third DLC character, who won't be released in this patch. For now, we'll have to wait until October 15 to see all these improvements.

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