Retired Evo Champion Latif Returns To Competitive Play, Starts With Guilty Gear Strive

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Guilty Gear Strive Accent Core +R EVO 2009 champion and Street Fighter IV contender Latif has recently confirmed his comeback out of retirement to play competitive fighting games again. This player previously shook the North American fighting games scene after winning the crown for Guilty Gear and securing underdog victories from the best players of Street Fighter. Here's what we know about Latif's return

Who Is Latif?

As seen in his track record in the past decode, Latif was active around late 2000s up until his retirement in 2016. During this period, Latif's big achievements were winning EVO 2009 as its champion for the Guilty Gear title at the time, Guilty Gear Accent Core +R. Latif won the tournament as Zato-1 and Eddie that's known to be a puppet character where players must control and coordinate two characters to attack their foe. Zato-1 and Eddie is one of the most difficult characters to play in Guilty Gear but rewards their players with strong, oppressive offense if played well.


On the other end, Latif also made waves in Street Fighter 4 as Crimson Viper. This character is known to have many extended movement and offensive options at the cost of meter. At the time, Latif was an underdog who had secured victories against long-time veterans such as Poongko, Tokido and even Daigo Umehara in EVO 2011.

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Latif's Decision To Play Strive


As seen on his official Youtube channel, Latif returns to make fighting game content for that channel and his Twitch channel. For his return, Latif confirms that he'll take on Guilty Gear Strive as his main game. Potentially, we'll see more of his strong plays as Zato-1 is still in this game and he has aptly picked this character up. However, Guilty Gear Strive's Zato-1 has different options than his counterpart in the Accent Core +R entry which means that Latif will have to readjust what he knows to apply himself well in this title.

When Will We See Him Compete?

As of now, Latif is already competing in some online tournaments such as Leffen's own set of tournaments named LEVO. Latif has also been seen interacting with EVO 2021 Guilty Gear Strive, Hotashi, and aptly took on the champion's Nagoriyuki with his own Zato-1.

We won't be seeing him in the upcoming EVO 2021 regional championships on November as he isn't one of the champions of any region that competed so far. For now, we'll have to wait up until the coming months to see him make waves in tournaments.


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