Guilty Gear Strive 1.10: Patch Notes, Release Date, News, Changes, All You Need To Know

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Arc System Works has already confirmed that the next major Guilty Gear Strive patch 1.10 is confirmed this October. New gameplay mechanics will be introduced in this game once the month rolls in. Here's what we know about this major update.

Latest News

14 October 2021 -

We've added the official 1.10 patch nows and character balance changes to this page. All information can be found further down.

Do note, the update to Version 1.10 will be released on October 15 (tomorrow) for the PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Steam versions of Guilty Gear Strive, along with battle balance adjustments and fixes for issues in each game mode.

11 October 2021 -

Guilty Gear Strive director Akira Katano has confirmed the release date for Guilty Gear's Patch 1.10 update, which is now coming on October 15 2021 (This coming Friday). There's a number of improvements planned for the server connection loading times and a few gameplay changes too.

The new patch is confirmed to get some character buffs and adjustments namely Faultless Defense changes, input buffer time extension, and longer throw escape window. General changes were also confirmed namely fast option buffs, new aerial counter hit effects, and moves that will get jump or airdash cancels.

The developers confirmed patch notes will be released just prior to the update. Additionally, the developers also said that they're still working on the next DLC character, who will not be released until later this year.

Here's the developer's official update, posted on the eighth volume of the Developer's Backyard:

As we’ve announced previously, the October game update is planned for October 15 (Friday)
In the previous update we adjusted the character balance without changing the overall game mechanics.

This time, however, we will be adjusting the overall mechanics and game rules in addition to character balance.

To begin with a partial discussion of the changes to game mechanics, we have revised the qualities of Faultless Defense, extended overall input buffer time, and increased the time window for throw clashes.

For changes across characters, we have revised the start-up time for their fastest normals, the way counters work for aerial normals, and increased the number of moves that can be canceled into jump or air dash.

The details of the changes made in this update patch will be released soon, so keep an eye out.

Although this update will only adjust the game balance, the team is working hard on the next character at the moment, so please wait for the next announcement.
Guilty Gear Strive
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Release Date

UPDATE: Patch 1.10 will be coming on October 15, 2021.

[Original Story] - According to the Patch 1.09 update released in August, the developers already gave a date for the major patch update 1.10 to be in October 2021. However, the developers only gave a release window as the patch notes didn't specify which day exactly in October. For now, fans can only wait for further announcements to know which day we'll get it in October.

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Confirmed Changes

As of now, the only confirmed changes for the Guilty Gear Strive 1.10 is adding something to the grounded overheads and projectile special moves in the game. The developers have yet to say something about what changes are going to add or take away from these moves.

Currently, in patch 1.09, both options are considered not too strong in the game. Most projectile specials in Guilty Gear Strive are slow and reactable if they reach far and barely reach half of the screen up if they're fast. Players often use special projectiles to compliment their pressure options rather than making it a main option to keep foes away.

Meanwhile, the grounded overheads are also considered a weak option to open up your foes. Most characters don't need the universal grounded overhead, Standing Dust, to stop foes from crouch blocking. Other options to open them up such as jump-ins and throw have more reward and have less risk than using the Standing Dust.

Arc System Works may give something new to these moves to encourage their use and not be a forgotten button that no one uses to avoid giving away their advantage.

Official 1.10 Patch Notes

Guilty Gear Strive Ver1.10 Patch Notes

General / Game Modes

・Added support for the PS4 event “Tournament” feature.
Pressing the △ button at the main menu displays any upcoming PlayStation Tournaments open to entry, and will automatically match players with their opponents during supported tournaments.

Tournament organization: ESL
See here for more details:

*This feature is not supported on the PS5 console, or on the PS4 version when running on a PS5 console.
*Arc System Works does not provide sponsorships, endorsements, or management.

・Reduced the network connection time upon login.
・Added a “Sync R-Code with Server” feature under System Settings from the main menu Settings option.
Using this feature downloads the R-Code from the server and applies it as the R-Code for the current save data.
Please use this feature when your save data has been deleted or lost.

Network Mode

・When the player’s suggested floor is the Celestial Floor, they will now begin matching on the Celestial Floor after selecting Quick Start from the main menu.

Training Mode

・When Counter Setting and either Automatic Psych Burst or Automatic Roman Cancel are set simultaneously, the Counter Setting will be prioritized.


・The battle version has been updated from 1.04 to 1.05.
*You can check the battle version in the Replay Theater, etc.
Some missions in Mission Mode have been changed to reflect this.

・Fixed a bug where sound effects for flame attacks would be played multiple times under certain circumstances.


・Fixed a bug where the Maximum Combo Damage and Maximum Combo Hits would not be displayed properly.
Previous data will be reset on login, and properly registered from current gameplay.

・Damage from Wall Break will now be included in Maximum Combo Damage, Total Damage Dealt, and Total Damage Taken.


・Fixed a bug where the Network functions would not respond properly, mostly after viewing a large amount of play data from the Ranking screen.

Major Confirmed Issue:
■Network features are completely inaccessible under certain play environments.
We are continuing to look into and address this issue.

Any players experiencing this issue, please contact customer support with the following information:
-Type of console in use
-Internet provider or contracted service in use
-Model number of the router or network adapter in use
-If possible, an image of the error message or a video showing when the error occurs

Official 1.10 Character Balance and Bug Fixes

Due to the length of changes to all 17 characters, we've added all balance & Bug fix changes into the gallery below:

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