Guilty Gear Strive: Developers Fix Console Input Lag, Now Near PC Version

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Arc System Works has recently pushed an update on the console version of Guilty Gear Strive that improves its input latency. Console players will get a more responsive feel when they press to attack their foes in the game. However, the console version is still far from better than the PC version's input latency.

What Guilty Gear Strive Developers Improved On Console

Players have confirmed that the recent update on the PS4 Guilty Gear Strive has definitely improved the input latency to 2.39 frame input lag which is an improvement from its previous 4 frame input lag. Players on PS5 can also avail of this improvement if they use a PS4 copy and not the physical version of Guilty Gear Strive on this platform. This update allows the PS4 version to be more responsive to the player's inputs which could help them make more decisive strikes and well-timed defense to win rounds and matches.


The input lag improvement was confirmed by input lag enthusiast Nigel Woodall and posted his tests on Twitter. Generally, this improvement is great to make the fighting game feel more intuitive especially for this console which is used for the EVO 2021 online tournaments.

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Cleaner Inputs On Competitive Play

In the past months, Sony ran the Evolution Champion Series 2021 or EVO 2021 ran its regional tournaments all over the world for many fighting games including Guilty Gear Strive. The tournament organizers used the PS4 and its online systems to hold the tournaments which meant the players had to brave through the 4 frame lag to win. As of August 15, each region got two representatives that'll fight it out on November 27 to 28 to be crowned as the best of the best this 2021.


The input latency improvement is welcomed well for not only the casual players who are on this platform but also to the players who will compete on this platform for online tournaments.

Strive Input Latency Is Now Closer To PC

As of now, the PC version of Guilty Gear Strive remains the superior platform to play the game when it comes to input lag. On strong PC hardware, the PC version can have up to 0.6 input lag which superior to the PS4 platform's current input latency as of the moment.

For now, we'll have to wait if the EVO 2021 organizers will make the switch to the PC platform for better input latency or push through with the current platform as they did with the previous legs of the tournament.


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