How To Taunt In Guilty Gear Strive

The taunt button makes a return in Guilty Gear Strive as an option in fights. Pressing the button will make your character belittle the enemy once the button is pressed. Here's how you can taunt in Guilty Gear Strive.

What is the Guilty Gear Strive Taunt Button?

By default, players have access to the taunt button in fights and is usually found in the shoulder buttons. If not available, go to the Button Settings and map the Taunt button into one of your pre-set buttons.

Once you've done that, you can now taunt your foes in fights. Every character has their own version of taunting their enemy even the characters that doesn't seem too vicious at a glance. However, taunting your foes in Guilty Gear Strive gives them 10% of their Tension meter with no return to you. Make sure to have a plan in mind when using this move.

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Or you can show respect

Alternatively, players can also show their respect to their enemy in-game. To use the respect move, players will need to press forward and the taunt button at the same time. Instead of saying something spicy to their enemy, your character will approve of them and compliment their fighting.

However, some characters have long voicelines hidden behind their respect move. Ramlethal Valentine and Nagoriyuki have these long voicelines that take more than five seconds to complete.

How to use taunt for better combos

Even though the Taunt move feels like a cosmetic move, players have actually found a valid use for this attack in combos. Players found out that some normal and command normal moves can be cancelled into Taunt. These combo taunts would then be followed with a Roman Cancel to continue the combo.

The unique utility of Roman Cancelling a taunt is to force a Purple Roman Cancel as early as possible. Unlike Red Roman Cancels, the Purple Roman Cancel does not have an energy blast that juggles enemies higher while still allowing the player to continue the combo if still possible.

Going for a Purple Roman Cancel improves a combo's damage as the Red Roman Cancel blast prorates the combo on hit which lessens the damage of every hit following it.

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