Guilty Gear Strive: How To Beat Nagoriyuki

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Nagoriyuki is one of the new characters of the Guilty Gear series introduced in the latest Guilty Gear Strive. Although he lacks general movement options like most of the cast, his attacks have a far reach which eliminates the need to approach. Here's how you can fight off this towering samurai in Guilty Gear Strive.

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Minimal Mobility, Massive Range

Similar to Guilty Gear's resident grappler Potemkin, Nagoriyuki doesn't have an air dash or double jump as part of his regular mobility tools in-game. Normally, Nagoriyuki can only walk and do a backstep if he wants to simply move in the game. However, Nagoriyuki does have a command dash special where he rapidly teleports but comes with a risk of filling his Blood Rage bar quickly.

Additionally, his moves already have a massive range and even step him forward if he uses it. These moves and attacks are:

  • 5S>5S>5S
  • Kamuriyuki
  • 6K
  • Fukyo

Once the Nagoriyuki player knows how these moves work, mobility doesn't seem much of a problem for him.

As Nagoriyuki's opponent, you'll have to respect how his mobility works only when he lands a hit or forcefully overextending himself with his special moves. Make his attacks whiff and get in on the angles that his attacks don't cover.

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Blood Rage Implosion

Nagoriyuki has a unique Blood Rage mechanic where a gauge fills up whenever he uses his special moves. When the gauge is filled up, Nagoriyuki transforms into his Blood Rage mode where his range is further extended and he gets access to a high damage Overdrive super, Zansetsu.

On paper, this transformation can help Nagoriyuki to quickly kill his foes with overwhelming damage. However, this mode is considered to be more of a problem on Nagoriyuki's end, unfortunately. As Nagoriyuki's opponent, it's your opportunity to punish him by going on the defensive and not giving him an inch to cash in the Blood Rage bonuses.

In exchange of accessing increased range, the Blood Rage mode rapidly drains 50% out of Nagoriyuki's health throughout the transformation's duration and locks him out of his special moves other than the Zansetsu Overdrive super. Hitting him with a long combo or landing a throw on him will force Nagoriyuki to fully take the transformation's health cost which is a disadvantage.


Nagoriyuki benefits from this special meter if they can maintain it high without ever filling it up. When a portion of the meter is filled, it extends the range of some of his Heavy Slash attacks. This character gains Blood Rage if he uses special moves regardless if it hits and drains it back down if he hits his foes with his Slash and Heavy Slash moves. His command throw, Bloodsucking Universe, rapidly empties his Blood Rage back to zero.

If Nagoriyuki proves oppressive with his offence and always hits you with his sword, it'll be best to keep defending until he uses his special moves that'll fill up his Blood Rage and deny him of every chance he tries to land the Bloodsucking Universe move.

If the great defence is achieved, he'll go into Blood Rage mode often and make sure that he fully takes the health cost of the transformation. This situation makes the matches faster as it eliminates the need to fight him longer and land a lot of combos on him.

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