Guilty Gear Strive: How To Beat Anji Mito

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In Guilty Gear Strive, Anji Mito is one of the characters that thrives when he knows when their enemy will strike. This character has rewarding punishes after his parry connects and helps get started with his solid pressure. Here are some tips to survive the Anji Mito matchup in Guilty Gear Strive.

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Defeating Autoguard

Many of Anji Mito's special moves can be held to make him spin and even delay some of his offensive special moves. When he does this, he spins around which makes him look vulnerable but don't be fooled. During this spin move, he'll parry one attack and will keep his opponent in place if they hit him with a physical attack.

This is Anji Mito's Autoguard system and is one of his strongest moves in contesting space in Guilty Gear Strive matches. Once he snags a foe in his parry, Anji Mito has the advantage as he can opt for an assured throw in this situation. Once he knocks you down, Anji has the freedom to keep pushing the pressure until his enemy runs out of health.

However, this tactic has a weakness. Autoguard doesn't instantly work and can be interrupted in the first few frames of its animation. Meanwhile, all of Anji Mito's parry moves lose to throws so keep that in mind when the enemy Anji keeps spinning too much in matches.


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Fuujin Pressure

However, Anji Mito will often land a hit on the block and immediately follow it up with Fuujin. This special move has four follow-ups intended to open up the foe's guard and retaliate effectively if Anji's opponent wants to interrupt his Fuujin attempts. Here's what Anji Mito can do after landing Fuujin

  • Punch followup - Anji jumps up to throw smaller fans downward, often used when not planning to commit into the Slash or Heavy Slash followup
  • Kick followup - Anji quickly leaps forward, often done when to extend combos after Fuujin or close in when Anji's opponent is too afraid to contest his Fuujin pressure.
  • Slash followup - Anji sweeps the enemy's leg with his fan. Common ender to Fuujin pressure as it doesn't have an interruptible gap in the middle
  • Heavy Slash followup - Anji takes a step and hits his foe on the head, Overhead option if the enemy is too afraid of Fuujin. This move can be interrupted as the overhead option is slow enough to stop it with a Punch or Kick.

However, Anji loses this situation entirely if your character has an invulnerable reversal such as Sol's Volcanic Viper, Ky's Vapor Thrust, Chipp's Beta Blade or Leo's Eisensturm. The timing is tight but it can frustrate Anji into being careful with his Fuujin if you can land it in there.

Watchout For His Parry Super

While you've already fought off two of Anji's strong tools, there's still the Kachoufuugetsu Kai Overdrive Super which is also a parry. When it successfully parries a hit, Anji pulls off an assured combo which takes away near half of his opponent's health. This move also makes Anji a threat even when pressured as he can rely on this move to escape the pressure and even turn the tables with its immense damage.


However, it has the same weakness as his Autoguard parries and can be thrown. Lastly, Anji's opponents can fake their pressure to bait out this reaction and waste his 50 Tension as Anji won't do anything if the opponent doesn't hit the parry.

Overall, try to take the momentum from Anji Mito and never give it to him as much as possible.

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