How to find the Forgotten Gryphon in WoW Dragonflight

location of the forgotten gryphon in wow dragonflight

location of the forgotten gryphon in wow dragonflight

If you're looking for the WoW Dragonflight Forgotten Gryphon, then we can help you! Hunting rare elites is something that many players do and they can often yield some cool rewards. Our guide will have the details on how you can find this rare elite in World of Warcraft Dragonflight and what it's for.

There are many elite in the Dragon Isles, and for the reason that you're killing the Forgotten Gryphon, you'll need to kill eight others. Killing this rare also gives some really solid experience so it's definitely worth doing at least once.

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Where to find WoW Dragonflight Forgotten Gryphon

The Forgotten Gryphon is a rare bird that can be found in The Waking Shores. The coordinates for the rare are 33, 76.4, or if you can't find those coordinates, it's on the tall hilltop just southwest of the Obsidian Bulwark area. Here's a map with a pin to show where the rare is.

Location of the Forgotten Gryphon in WoW Dragonflight
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What is the WoW Dragonflight Forgotten Gryphon used for?

Normally, when you kill rare elites, they drop some cool loot. While there isn't anything noteworthy when you kill the Gryphon, it is used as part of an achievement. The achievement is called the Adventurer of the Waking Shores. This achievement requires you to kill 10 special encounters in a large list of encounters in the Waking Shores.

Outside of that, there isn't much else that this is worth other than around 8,000 experience. The rare does have a fair bit of health and is level 64, so it's worth probably killing when you're a bit higher leveled or if you're with a group.

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