WoW Dragonflight Bloody Tokens - What they're for and how to get them

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picture of Alexstrasza in Dragon form in WoW Dragonflight

If you're playing WoW Dragonflight, then you may have picked up some Bloody Tokens along your journey. But what are WoW Dragonflight Bloody Tokens used for and how do you get more of them?

World of Warcraft is known to have a deep resource system that has a bunch of different uses. There are resources for PvP and PvE and Dragonflight introduced quite a few of them, including Bloody Tokens.


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How do you get WoW Dragonflight Bloody Tokens?

In WoW Dragonflight, there are a few places that you can get Bloody Tokens. All of them are going to involve having War Mode enabled, so be sure to do that in your hub city. The first is going to be doing PvP matches with War Mode on. The next is killing players in open world PvP. You'll also be able to find them in various Supply chests around the world. The last way is by completing PvP World Quests with War Mode on.


What are WoW Dragonflight Bloody Tokens used for?

Once you have a bunch of Bloody Tokens, you have one place to spend them. Head to Valdrakken, and head into the PvP hall in the Obsidian Enclave. Immediately to the right of entering, you'll see the War Mode Quartermaster.

Upon speaking to him, you'll be able to spend your Bloody Tokens on PvP gear. This gear is all a part of a set, which is going to be useful if you're doing battlegrounds or arenas.

While there may be more uses for these tokens in the future, this is all that's available for them right now.


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